Dad not a happy daddy..

Dad not a happy daddy..

about nobody visiting..his granddaughter not being there, I said she’s got shingles and you don’t want to catch that! Just looking at her I start scratching! 😃

I had to get him up, they let him sleep on a Sunday..get him ready for lunch, so we went to the dining-room, I ordered extra ice-cream to go with the box of shortcake I bought at Jim ‘s British Market near Geneva. Found a couple of detective novels as got better!! 😊

All I can say is Mc Gyver saved me this afternoon I didn’t know they had made remakes of that rubbish but it made wonders! So back down the mountain it is. Beautiful snow but the road is clear!!

We have the advent Sunday in the village, an opportunity for shops to sell more, I may have a look!! Such a consumer I am!!

Have a nice evening xx


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  • Glad your dad managed to cheer up and hopefully enjoyed lunch.

    I used to like McGyver the tv series by never read any books.

    Enjoy the rest of your day Fran. Xxxx 🤪😀😘

  • Thanks Carole it was hard work..gave me a headache..his wife died in December so it dwells on his mind, his grandchildren didn’t care, his daughters-in-law never spoke to him..his sons were not coming for Christmas..hellooooo I’m here smiling with my box of I put the telly on and got my embroidery out..and that was that!

    Just had a chilly walk back home to clear my head and it did the trick!!

    Hope you had a lovely Sunday with the grandchildren xx


  • That’s the problem Fran, older people dwell on who isn’t there rather than appreciate who is.

    You did your absolute best and you cleared your head so that’s a good thing.

    Our grandson was fine but on the iPad. He then went to the shed with his dad to play Mario. Can’t compete with mario!! He’s 5 going on 15.

    Have a lovely evening xxx 😀😘😴

  • Haha.. I like but on the ipad..too right we can’t compete Carole!!

    Thank you for the support xx

  • Your reply made me feel like sharing this. My son has four children. 11,twins 6 and a 5 year old. When I go to their house the big telly is always blaring cartoons and the pads take preference over conversation. They have just stayed alone with me for two days. The only time that the tv went on was when I put Paddington the movie on for two early risers and when the eldest and I watched Strictly after the others went to bed. The pads stayed in the bags. They were delightful and we had a great time.I didn’t go out of my way to entertain them so I can’t figure out why this was. Twinkle and I are recovering our equilibrium today!

  • Lovely picture happy,Glad you managed to lift dad's spirits and the treats from Jim's and reading material will do wonders,Spend,spend,spend you deserve a treat for your caring attitude and maybe a cheer up present for Bea xx

  • Actually I didn’t stop..walked like for a marathon it was so cold even with hoodie and scarfie, tears were running down my face..

    so now back home with Bea and Aria reaching for a guinness, there’s nothing like iron😉and the premier league to cheer me up. Bea is having her Sunday lunch Spanish time!!

    Cheers xx


  • Enjoy that guinness,you make not think so but that brisk walk in the cold will have done wonders for you.:) cheers m&s xx

  • It did it certainly did! On my sofa feeling even better😃 xx

  • McGyver...whats he doing with that thing! My dad use to love that show too.

    Shingles are awful. I am happy you were able to help him Fran.

    Lovely picture of snow. The clouds in the left appears as an old man with white long hair and beard blowing down! I always see pictures in clouds. Have a great day! Xx

  • Thanks Lin!! Glad you like it xx

  • Time well spent Happy. You probably helped your dad more than you know.


  • Thank you Cofdrop xx

  • You are such a good daughter Fran.

  • Never good enough my dear, nag nag nag it was..I think of Grumpy old men with Jack Lemmon and Walter Mattau..give Ann Margaret if you want a smile 😉

  • Well you yourself know you're being a good daughter and that will be a comfort to you when your dad goes. I'm speaking from personal experience here.

    Had to laugh at the Grumpy Old Men reference. The first of those movies is a big favourite of mine at this time of year. Because we don't have the Christmassy, snowy Weather, to go with the time of year, I have a little stash of DVDs, I play when the Christmas lights are up and the carols are playing. I'll sit on the sofa with a hot apple juice or maybe hot chocolate and transport to a snowy landscape for a while. In fact Christmas would not be Christmas in our house without me watching Grumpy Old Men 1. And on Christmas Dau we all watch The Snowman, a gift from one of my sons around 20 years ago and watched every year since. This year, 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' will be added for the little grandson. Bliss !

  • Yes you are right of course BJ..

    😃😃glad you also like Grumpy Old Men 1!!

    Talk to you soon xx


  • We're going on a Bear Hunt is marvellous, isn't it? And The Snowman. Settle back with your family and enjoy. Yes, guaranteed bliss!

  • Sounds marvellous!! Trying to sort out my daughter with shingles!! Made another appointment for her, got one for tomorrow, when it doesn’t rain it pours 😃 so out I go for some fresh is milder and sunny 😎

  • Going out for a walk in your snow and scenery sounds exciting, but I'm sure it's not on a daily basis! I do hope you find some help/advice for your daughter's shingles. Take care with hygiene though. We don't want you to catch shingles, even if they would be your daughter's especially nice shingles. Ha! 🤣 xx

  • Thanks Penny I try but you know we live together so..xx

  • Oh dear! Keep the best foods going in, rest and stay warm. 🤞Your immune system stays strong. I was in very close contact with my mother when she had shingles but escaped without it myself. Really wish you good luck xx

  • Don’t worry..😊

    Doctor tells me you don’t catch it, it is dormant but is fabricated by the person’s own immune system, it is a myth..

    Now my hairdresser has a friend who has a gift to cut fire, she may be able to deal with it. She doesn’t charge because she doesn’t believe in charging. She helps with her father who has radiotherapy. I’m going to send her with a box of chocolate!!

    Have a good day xx


  • Cut fire?? Lost a bit there. You’re being very kind, again, sending the chocolates. One good turn....!I think I’ve come through my steroidafter effects at last, tho still bit tired, so hopingto have a much better day. You too. Penny xx

  • Cut fire..must be my is a gift..some people are born with that gift they touch you and it can stop a burn or scolding. She treats eczema and shingles as well apparently..well you know me by now anything for a try 😃

    So glad you are feeling better Penny.

    Keep in touch xx


  • Oh wonderful. I think I’m going to do that this year. I love Grumpy Old Men

  • 😂😂😂

  • Seems like there are quite a few of us Grumpy Old Men fans 'coming out of the closet' now. We should set up an afternoon and all watch it together.

  • Great I have to ask my daughter to buy it for me on itunes!! I will soon need the sequel Grumpy Old Daughters 😂

  • I am grumpy ol mom since last week :/ Its all the leaves in my yard. Looks like i just don't care. Elves and lights and big blow up things line my crowded street. My apartment looks like the Baa humbug house! Inside is cheerful but outside is neglected. After thorasic crap i can't do it. I really do not like relying on others. If i was to try to remove id be undoing the progress ive made in healing.

  • Haven’t you got a friendly neighbor maybe? I have had to enroll a bunch of volunteers 😃 I tell you. Had to get organised I must have been in denial thinking I could do it all ..

    Hope it gets better Lin xx

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