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Bronchectasis and Asthma


I think I am either getting an infection or my asthma is flaring up.

Anyone have any advice.

I just feel tired and have more mucus, plus slightly chesty.🤒

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Hello Janlyn1953 .

I'm sorry you aren't feeling so well. Do you have any antibiotics provided by your doctor in case of infection? My doctor always sends me away with some just in case I feel like an infection is coming on.

Please take it easy, plenty of rest and warm liquids and good food. I think it would be best to contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Sending gentle hugs.

Cas xx 🌹

I too have bronchiectasis and can get asthmatic-like symptoms (consultant's diagnosis); having recently had a serious bout of chest infections that has left me worse than where I was pre-2014, I have had to learn more about my condition and how to tackle it. My daily regime is frequent mucus clearance, a steamer (If I feel particularly worse) with clearance exercises by laying on my back and gently forcing the mucus up to the back of my throat and cough up, using my blue-inhaler if needed to help open the airways more. If you have a friend/family member/partner who could pummel your back at times is also a great way to shift the mucus, I find laying on each side works best.

Certainly get onto antibiotics if your phlegm has changed colour, fever, off your food, struggling to breathe.

My advice is to clear more frequently at times where you have more mucus, the more we get out the less that's in our lungs breeding bugs.

Hope this helps :)

Janlyn1953 in reply to Outspan

Thank you.

Janlyn1953 in reply to Outspan

Its just a slight flare up with my Asthma, due to an allergy.

So hopefully it will soon clear up with the tablets.

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