Just had a day out at the hospital lol Been given azithromycin. It may seem Daft but told take 3 per week But not told is that consequtive days. Or take one miss 1 consultant wants to see me in 6 month and has recommended. Me for pain management and possible PR again next year oxygen nurse tomorrow then hopefully quiet day saturday had to cancel councillor for today good job only just got in but wanted to ask about the tablets also intrested on your experience of them Thanks

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Hi Margaret that was a good result then. Pete takes Azithromycin Monday Wednesday and Friday. Hope that helps. Lots of love xxxxxx

Thanks going to take one now that helped a great Deal. Been along Day appointment was 12 had to go for xray first so glad to be home hope the tablets do the trick love margaret xxx

I have been taking Azithromycin for a couple of years now.

They have been excellent in greatly reducing the number of exacerbations I had been having. Dropped from about six a year to zero. On saying that, I have just completed a one week course of antibiotics and steroids for my first flare up for over a year.

Hope they work well for you.

Thérèse. xxx

Thanks very much they certainly worked for you hope this is your first and last for a long time hope they work as good for me xxx

Mags what are these tabs for? And why three a week are they for chest infection 😩

Hi They are to try and keep the amount of exacerbations Down not sure why 3 a week but if you Do a post someone who has Been on them for a while will know .Seen the physio when On way for appointment its Becky isnt it cant remember she said I should put my name Down for PR again 😷

Hi, I have been on these for 8 or more years and they have definitely cut down the amount of chest infections I have had. I have bronchiectasis and c.v.i.d hope they work as well for you .

So good to hear people having good results will make such a diffrence if I can stay out of hospital .Take care

Hi yes it is 3 days on alternate lowers the rate of exacerbation in the long run..take good care xx

Thanks wasnt explained by consultant just gave me the script xx

My wife has been taking Azithromycin (500mg) tablets for the past 16 months post Bilateral lung Tx....she takes half a tablet Mon-Wed-Fri....the tablet is an antibiotic to treat or prevent bacterial or mycobacterial infections...unsure what their use is for with respect to other lung diseases

Hope it has helped your wife to have less infections .

Hi, I was on these for 3 months, I was told Mon, Weds, Fri worked well for me x

Why only 3month I thought they where permanent x

Not for me. It was to aid in clearing up a bad flare up and it really worked. I do have them in the house all the time and can start them I immediately feel the need. Doc says short term is effective with my stage Emphysema which is mild. x

Thats good you at mild stage im end stage good that you can restart them if the need arises x

I have been on azithromycin 3x a week. As has been said, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. I have been taking them for about 10 yrs. I was having exacerbations about once every 2/3 weeks and was in a bad way. Since taking them I’ve not had a bad one since. It is an antibiotic specially for lung infections. Do not let your GP take you off them. I had a new GP, an older man, who told me I shouldn’t be taking antibiotics all the time and he stopped them. I had a chest infection within the week! So new GP and back on them. Best of luck and keep your emergency supply close.

Seems like they are working well for you hope they continue to do so .Seems like you were like I am with exarcebations Hope Gp Does not take me off them I got them from hospital pharmacy yesterday so hope Gp puts them on my prescription What do you mean by emergency supply please .

Emergency supply is a packet of steroids - Prednisone - and antibiotic Doxycycline. Enough for a week. Your Gp or COPD nurse should give them to you. It saves you having to wait to see the doctor if you get an exacerbation. Let me know if there’s anything else. I’ve travelled through India and South East Asia with COPD and have had very few problems. If going abroad get a letter from GP covering the medication your are carrying.

I was given the same script Steroids + Doxycycline as a rescue medication.I did not like taking Doxycycline as I have has severe acid reflux in the past and got Oxytetracycline instead which free you to have a drink with a movie without risk . Azithromycin seems to have worked for Time -2-drink reducing exacerbations. so I would not change...

Thank you I Do have abs and steroids. In But usually when I have infection lots of abs wont work for me so i usually end up on ciproflaxin. But cant have them in my emergency pack .

I been on them for six months, felt great no exabarbations. My tummy was a bit funny with them at first so I now take them at night, MWF and works great.

Hope you continue to feel great I took my first last night my tummy a bit iffy this morning But then again it was earlier this week .

Rice and probiotics and rice..😊

Me, same as most people on here ,take them mon, wed, friday, i have not had an exaberation for 18 months,

Great news hope I can do the same .

Hi, I’ve been taking them for five years, three tablets a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ve found that since taking them my flare ups have reduced. I also take a probiotic drink Actimel every day to balance the good/bad bacteria in the gut, I hope the tablets work for you they’ve really helped me, best wishes

Thanks Donna I will get hubby to get me some probotic Drink even though I Dont like the taste glad tablets have helped you .Take care

I've got probiotic capsules Optibac they work for me but don't take it at the same time as the antibiotics as they fight lol. Generally I take it at lunchtime along with my VitD and VitC and Zinc.

I have asked my husband to get me some probotic drinks though I dont like taste of them .

Live yoghurt is good, add a little honey. I get Acidophilus tablets from Solgar, it settles my tummy.


been taking them since June this year to manage chronic severe inflammatory exacerbations ( without accompanying infections) .

They seem to be a big help-I take one on alternate days. See how you go with them?


Thanks polly hope to follow your lead and hopefully keep out of hospital I am putting my Faith in them .

Good oh!!! They work really well with all the other great self management techniques, eg Exercise, super healthy diet and pma!

I have had only 2 hospital admissions in 14 years 😊

Keep well and happy too


Hi whats PMA please Great news on the hospital admissions Ive had At least 4 this year so to keep out of Hospital would Be Good Take care .

PMA = Positive Mental Attitude 😊

4 hospital admissions this year ???? That is far more than you deserve !!! Hehe !

Keep well


And thats not counting December last year and november so putting a lot of faith in these tablets fed up of hospital food lol

Take care

Have taken for bronchiectasis for 18 months now. Like many bronchX sufferers I have found them to be great in reducing the number of infections I get. In addition to having an anti-bacterial effect they stand out as being the antibiotic that is also an anti-inflammatory capability which is why many sufferers regard them as a bit of a miracle drug and why pulmos appear increasingly to be prescribing them, subject to cost constraint*. Most bronchX sufferers that have found them take 3-a-week on a day 2 + day 4 + day 7 basis (ie two 2 day breaks followed by a 3 week break.

Good idea, as suggested by previous poster to take them on Mon/Wed/Fri - avoids needing to take them on weekend days when many people have more diversions than otherwise. Take at roughly the same time each day (though I don't think that is absolutely essential) but it has to be in a window that is at least two hours after eating and one hour before. Take them - with a glass of water - when you wake up/get up if you don't need to eat immediately on waking (I find that I more easily forget meds that are taken at a later stage of the day).

When I get an infection that is sufficiently troubling that I call it an exacerbation I take a week of daily azith. If that doesn't kill it in the second week I revert in the 2nd week to 3-a-week azith and supplement that with a daily 500mg dose of levafloxacin. That latter regime was suggested by my Thai pulmo (I'm a Brit expat here) on the basis that my sputum never shows any result of specific bug in a culture test and levafloxacin is a pretty effective muti-bug antibi. Those who can give bug-identifiable samples should work out their own tailored rescue plan with their own medical adviser, preferably an experienced pulmonologist.

*Azith is more expensive than some of the earlier stage antibis like amoxycillin and doxycycline, but less expensive than levafloxacin and avelox (if the prices I pay in Thailand are indicative of their western source pricing!)

Glad they are working for you However I wouldnt Be able to take a full weeks course Necause only prescribed correct amount of 12 tablets per month so no room for manouvere just hoping that my Gp Takes notice of the consultant and supplies them Best wishes .

Glad you got your arizmothycin , I take the tablet 3 times a week, it's a maintenance amount to keep your flare ups to a minimum. Because they are an anti inflamatory , I found they helped my hay fever this year. I have been taking them since january, and have only had one flare up. Hope they work well for you, keep us informed.


Thanks a Bonus for you with helping to manage hayfever hope my Gp continues to give them got yesterdays from hospital pharmacy. Consultant wrote to Gp also I found out he contacted Gp 3weeks ago to get me some Build up Drinks not Been prescribed yet Hope they keep working for you .

I take Azithromycin on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For seven weeks I was completely symptom free, and then got a bit of a chesty cough but nothing like before.

Good that your cough was lessened by the tablets long may you Benefit from Them .

I hope so - I’d been coughing all day, every day since July 2012!

That must be so tireing .

It was! And I was was working for three years of it - I was a primary teacher and the children were so understanding. I used to run out of breath when reading a story, or cough in the middle of answering a question. In the end it got too much so I stopped working a year before I wanted to. Life hasn’t become easier just different! Hope the azithromycin works for you.

Thanks and i hope it continues working for you .

Hi I also take azithromycin 3 days a week for 18 months now ,Monday weds Fri .its well worth it.

Thanks good to hear positive results .

My husband was taking azith three times a week but, after seeing consultant in hospital, he is now on daily tablets? He was not advised to take them two hours after food or an hour before - i must get him to check the meds info!! He hasn't been told to take a break for three weeks either! So much conflicting advice!! He has just had the endobronchial valve implants in one lung(replacements for the ones which stopped working) and is recovering in hospital atm - good time to ask, I suppose!!

Hi. Consultant Didnt give me any info on how to take them and I was that p.eased he gave me them that i didnt think to ask just Been listening to a programme on radio 4 about valve implants Hope your husband has a speedy recovery if you Ask hospital for info would you pass info on please Best wishes .

I was on these. They had no adverse effects. Took 3 per week every other day worked for me. Good luck. X

Have you Been taken off them Glad they worked for you .

Yes was on these for 3 years. Worked well but I became so used to them they stopped working.

Thats a shame hope a alternative is found .

My 14 year old son has to take these on and off to prevent his bronchitis flare ups or to treat them sometimes instead of co-amoxiclav. His dosage is 500mg 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He was on them almost a year at one point or just through the winter months or just for a month recently. They work brilliantly to treat infection and have anti-inflammatory properties in them too. Can make yiur tummy a little iffy so be aware of that, I give his after food which seems to help. Hope they work well tor you and you feel better soon X

Thank you for the information Hope they continue to help your son x

Hi I've been in and out of hospital since January. I have been taking Azithromycin on Mon Wed & Fri have worked fab for me. I've now been out of hospital for 8 weeks, longest time this year so far. xx

Have you just started the azithromyciin. So pleased for you to keep out of hospital long may it continue since november last year I have Had 6 hospital admissions so hope I can follow your lead and stay out xx

Hi Time_2_drink Ive been on them for a few months now and I think it's helping me stay out of hospital. When I last came out 8 weeks ago I've been on 24 hour oxygen. Plastic tubing all over the place. 2 litres but I can turn it up to 3 if I'm getting showered etc. Takes some getting used too.

Hope the tablets work for you xx

Glad its keeping you out of hospital its horrid this 24 hour oxygen dont think i will ever get used to it I started on 1and2 then put up to 3and 4 and yesterday oxygen nurse put my rest oxygen up to 4 and other 5. She put them back to 3and4. But wants to keep a eye on it ive had it since Dec 23 never got used to. It yet hope you do better than me .

Mon, Tues & Wednesday's usually 🙂

Thank you. I will start those days next week 😷

I'm wondering if Azith. works for bronchx with pseudomonas. I was diagnosed with both this past January. I've had exacerbations every 2 months since then. I'll see my pulmonologist in January, so will ask him about it. (I take Levaquin for the exacerbations.)

I’m colonised with pseudomonas & azith worked brilliantly for about 5 years, reducing inflammation & helping prevent exacerbations. Unfortunately it’s stopped working now, which I’m told is common. Apparently, doxycycline has some anti-inflammatory effect too

T2D, I hope it works for you. Have a nice quiet day tomorrow 😊

Thanks for the info Hanne. Five years sounds good to me!

Hope you get something to replace it and it works for you yesterday was a bit manic oxygen nurse who put my oxygen up then put it down again sitter from the hospice whilst frank at carers group. Friend who lives in turkey all at the same time feeling very low today must make effort to go downstairs been sat on end of bed since 11am take care

Thanks Hanne do hope it does work for me Bit of a off day today. Just done a daft thing got last tablet of a strip put the tinfoil in bin then promptly through tablet in loosing my marbles me thinks 😷😷

A minimum/maximum of 48 weeks for it to work properly..if you do get an infection ask for an extra prescription from the GP..

Take good care x

Fingers and toes crossed i get a Break from infections now I need this pain sorting that will be when pigs fly lol x

Which pain? The tummy pain?

Under left Breast. Sometimes goes across to right had it since january take oramorph and 40mg mst tablets twice daily

Hope you get sorted out 😷

Thanks will look at it .

To read if you wish..😊

Look at you Time_2_drink and 65 replies!!! I take my azi's on a Mon,Wed &Fri as well. To be honest, you've had excellent replies and there doesn't leave much other to say than ,fingers crossed,you'll find they do keep the colds and sniffles at bay!

Another pill to take eh? Cx

I took one on Thursday and one today then starting MWF next week will be great if they can keep me out of hospital and hopefully help me feel Better xxx

I have copd...pulmonary hypertension. when I. take erythromycin my heart races does any one have this problem...also doxycycline breaks me out. Allergic to penicillin.

I am sorry to hear that I have problems with my heart rate my resting rate is over 100 often 120 plus and can go up to 150. I have mentioned it to Doctors and matron But nothing done about it other than told keep a eye on it .

Suggest you start your own thread for this one, Mags 😊I’m sure lots of people will have an opinion

Hi yes just realized I'd put this on a reply and not a new thread doh!! Thanks x

Hehe good cause I’ve definitely got an opinion ☺️

I've deleted it but couldn't copy and paste so can't be bothered re posting haha xx

Oh Mags 😊I’m going to pm you then!

I've had these. Monday, Wed and Friday I was told.

Hopefully. I will BE RESTARTING ON WEDNESDAY hopefully i fiinish my ciproflaxin on tuesday but i am still bringing up lots of mucus and unsure if i will be able to restart them Matron is coming tomorrow havent seen her since before i was in hospital really unsure if she will be sending me Back. Hope the tablets helped you .

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