How are you all?

How are you all?

Hi everyone, just breezing in as I usually do every few months to let you know you're always in my thoughts and I hope you're all keeping as well as possible.

We've drifted into Autumn already so I've been out and about with my camera to get some nice pics.

Right then .... hands up who's finished their Christmas shopping already. lol :-)

Love Lyn xxxxxxxx

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thank you for breezing in so to speak with that beautiful and almost mystical (excuse my pun) wishes skis and scruffy cat x

Thank you skis, I'm very pleased to meet you. I hope you're keeping well. x

jolyn i am not to bad thank you i have severe emphysema but i am still quite active,i believe you lost your dear husband to Pf a few years ago,i am very sorry to hear that ,i to lost my beloved Cecilia earlier this year for the same reason.i do hope life is being kinder to you these days x

It's good to hear that you're still keeping active despite your emphysema, you sound so positive. :-) I'm so sorry about Cecilia, it's not easy is it and you're still going through all the first anniversaries, I found that the hardest. I'm doing much better now ... still get my moments but much stronger these days. Time heals doesn't it. :-) x

There is no magic wand to take away the pain,but hopefully time and patience will fill the void with happy memories,may you continue to gain inner strength and also take beautiful photo's thank you for sharing with us.........skis x

And the same to you skis, may each day bring you added strength and comfort in knowing your beloved Cecilia isn't suffering anymore. ... :-) x

Beautiful picture, thank you 🌸

Thank you Happylondon, it's good to meet you too. x

Hi Lyn,

"Christmas shopping"? I gave that up years ago. I simply give the family some money, they can then get what they really want, not what I think they want. They can also get more "bang per buck" in the sales too, having already spent their own money on Christmas.

Or the more plausible "they can do their own shopping" and save me struggling through the crowds of other shoppers.

Good idea 2greys :-) that's what I'm doing with my daughter this year and I've told the rest of the family I'm just buying for the children. I've stopped buying for the adults now, you just can't keep on can you. :-)

No not yet. I still have until Christmas eve 😀😉

Plenty of time then Budgie, I hope you don't have too many people to buy for ... it gets out of hand sometimes doesn't it. :-D

No just my wife Judith. She however gets everyone elses

No pressure then. lol tell Judith to get her skates on, she's only got 8 weeks ... lol. :-D

She isn't like me. She has already got them

Oh she's a good girl then ... nice and organised ... just like me. lol I always feel that if you get all your pressies bought nice and early, you can then enjoy the buz and that wonderful lead up to Christmas. For me it's the best part, even though Christmas day is always pleasant, it's also a bit of an anti-climax isn't it.

Beautiful picture as always good to see you hope you are well

Hiiiiiya onamission ... running up to give you a big old hug and dangling around your neck. It's lovely to hear from you .... how are you?

I'm ok just getting over a chest infection still swimming to keep my lungs fit xx

Glad you're over the chest infection, they can be so nasty. Swimming is awesome for those lungs. Good for you onamission. xx

Lovely photograph.

Lovely to hear from you Magpuss and thank you so much. Hope you're keeping well. :-D

I'm much better than I was last week, had some sort of bug to do battle with - think I won that one though, feel so much better now. Hope you're well.

Well I'm glad you beat that one Magpuss, there's always some nasty bug around this time of the year. I'm really well thanks and looking forward to Christmas AND hoping we get some snow this year. It's flipping 4 years since we had a good snowfall. I want some snowy pics. :-D

Lovely to see you as always Lyn.

We’re off to Littlecote in Berkshire tomorrow for a short break. Should be good.

Hope you are well. Nice photo and yes l’ve finished my Christmas shopping......almost.

Lots of love xxx ❤️😘

Carole (((huge hugs))) lovely to see you too. :-D How lovely going on a short break, it's so nice to get away isn't it. Well I hope you have a good time together. Well done on almost completing your Chrimbo shopping. It's good to get it all done early. Take care.

Lots of love back at you. xxxxxxx :-D

Thanks Lyn, we are expecting another grandson around 29/12 so l need to be ready. Exiting times ahead.

Take care.

Love Carole xx 😍😘

Oh bless you Clark and thank you kindly, it's so nice to meet you. :-D

What a stunning photograph. I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful autumn hues. Nice to hear from you. XXX

Many thanks Pam, I hope you're keeping well, it's so good to speak to you. :-) xxx

Hey Lyn, how lovely to see you. Glad things are getting a bit easier for you. No - no christmas shopping done yet, Im a last minute girl and would love to have your discipline and organisation. Beautiful autumn photo, really lovely. You take care xx :) jean

Thank you Jean ... it's so lovely to hear from you too. What ... no Chrimbo shopping done yet!! lol I do hope you're keeping well in in good spirits. Have a good week. xxx

Thanks, Jolyn! How'd u CAPTURE those leaves falling so elegantly LOL!! I love it!!!

Yes, they're in such a lovely arc.

Thank you Ergendl, it's good to meet you, I hope you're keeping well. :-)

I'm fine. Good to meet you too, Jolyn. I love your photo - there's such a feeling of mystery and magic in its delicacy.

Thank you so much MrsGLBJ, the leaves are falling all the time but I had some help from Photoshop in this image. :-) So nice to meet you.

Lovely to see you Lyn and to know how you’re getting on. I hope you really are as good as you sound! Take care, Sue xxx

Hiya Sue, lovely to see YOU too! I am as good as I sound lol ... I do get my moments though. It would have been my lovely Brian's birthday on Christmas day, so there's always that little dark shadow over Christmas but I'm really doing fine. :-D I hope everything is ok with you. xxxxxxx

There will be other days of little dark shadows, I’m sure, Lyn. You seem to have such a positive attitude - I hope the shadows clear for you at times. Keep memories of Brian close to you 💕.

I’ve had a year which has been difficult, but not all of the time. Managed to do a lot of Christmas shopping - we were supposed to be with family now so I got lots of big things which we were going to put in the car. We had to cancel because the docs said I wasn't well enough to go. Parcel Force is going to make big profits out of me come Christmas 🎄! xxxxx

Aww bless your heart, I'm sorry you haven't been well, life's a struggle when you're not up to it. Well done on the Christmas shopping though, but such a shame you can't be with your family. Put your feet up for Christmas and pamper yourself :-D (passing you a hot toddy and a Christmas cracker) I do hope you feel a little better soon. (hug) xxx

I’m ok, and don’t deserve the pampering but. . . . thank you so much! You take good care of yourself. xxx

It's very good to hear from you and hope all is well in your world. I'm usually shopping a day or two before Christmas but this year have most done for a change. Still have a few gifts to go but happy I finally have a head start.

Take care and if you're not back before Christmas I hope you have a wonderful one.

Yay ... Hiya Jackdup ... so good to hear from you, I hope you're doing ok. Well done on the Christmas shopping, it's good to get the pressure off nice and early isn't it. I hope you have a really nice Christmas too ... not long now. :-D take good care. x

Thank you, and you too.

What beautiful scenery.

Thank you so much Kitten ...I shall be off out further along the canal this morning with my camera ... its bright and sunny here. It's good to meet you. :-D

Good to meet you. Have a lovely day.

HI Lyn,wow what a lovely picture as always,thank you for popping so lovely to hear from you keep well God Bless naresh x

Hi there Naresh and thank you kindly, It's lovely to hear from you too and I hope you're keeping well. God bless you too Naresh. x

Hi Lyn, Really great to read your post, so pleased you are still producing your gorgeous photos, also lovely to see a name from the past,how many years is it since we lost our lovely husbands, 4 years for me,I think you were about the same time, so sad that many of the names from that time are now missing,hopefully they are all ok, Vashti will be missed for ever,I haven't seen anything from Azure Sky recentely. Keep well Lyn, very best wishes, Bulpit

It's SO LOVELY to hear from you Bulpit, I do hope you're keeping well. Yes, I can't believe how fast the years have flown. It will be 4 years for me in March. Vashti will always be missed and so will Fred, he was such a positive influence on all of us. Whatever happened to huggs, she was so popular and kind. You take good care and have a good winter and Christmas ... sending you a huge hug. :-D x

Beautiful pic Jolyn and lovely to hear from you again; it would have been our dear Vashti's Birthday on Christmas Day too - it's always hard when anniversaries fall on festive days, but good to remember even when the memories are bitter-sweet. Glad you sound up-beat and look forward to your next. Much love and hugs.

Hiya Dragonmum, how lovely to hear from you. I didn't realise it was Vashti's birthday on Christmas Day .... sigh ... don't we all miss her stories. I wonder how 'himself' is doing ... bless him. I hope you're keeping well ... it's getting colder now ... we all need to wrap up warm :-O. Sending lots of love to you. xxx

It's been so hard for him Jolyn but he has a wonderfully supportive family - just visited him for a hol a week or so back - and a lot of us keep in touch all of the time. He's coping with it as we all have to. Take care, love from the old dragon.

I'm so glad he has all this support, it makes such a difference. I too have had wonderful support from both friends and family. I don't what I would had done without them all. It's such a difficult time and sadly we all have to go through it at some point and yes, we all deal with it as best we can. xxx

Hi Jolyn .. beautiful photo ... errr Xmas shopping haven’t started yet 😢still on all the birthdays 😂xxx

Thank you Amanda, as for the birthdays, they never stop do they. lol People shouldn't be allowed birthdays around Christmas should they. lol xxx

3 grandchildren and my own children weeks apart and best friend ... lol usually start earlier but so behind this year !! 🤗

My Xmas prezzies have been bought on line and put in gift bags ready, just in case I spend the holiday season in hospital as I did last year. They take up a lot of space though 🎁🎊

Yes Joyce, they take up so much room don't they :-O Good for you getting prepared anyway and lets hope you DON'T end up in hospital but instead have a nice Christmas at home with the family. :-D

Thank you and wishing you have a good time too

obscenely beautiful. thx

Thank you kindly mellyme and very nice to meet you. :-) x


Great British photo.

Many thanks Alan ... yes it is. lol

Nice to meet you Jolyn keep the pictures coming you've definitely got an artistic eye 🙂

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