After a chase around the bedroom, we eventually got the cat in her carrier and to the vets, she has had a short session of playing jaws again and throwing what I fed her on the floor, well nothing really wrong with her at 15 she is like most of us evergreens just getting a bit long in the tooth her joints creak and ache some days think I may be tempted to bite my doctor when he tried to rotate my hip for me one day. So a change from wet to dry food some pills for her tummy (the vet was nice in not charging for these) and the probability of going onto Metacam when her tummy has gone into reverse and settled one embarrassing thing was the insurance was now void because of her age so she will need her own building society book in case of an emergency.

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  • Bless her, she’s doing ok for an old girl. Our Tessa was 19 when we sadly had to have her put to sleep. She was amazing but l don’t want another cat. Xxxx

  • like me happy to let her live out with me but no more cats

  • Ant,Hope your kitty gets well soon and is comfortable now,We will have to cloud fund her future care and make her a star on social media.................skis and equally poor cat x

  • Bless you, Skis we are two equally poor cat owners I dare not tell you what the managers said about funding her yesterday I would be hung putting it on social media

  • Tell me about it Anthony, my “ baby “ Vienna will be 21 at the end of the year, beaten one of my previous cats by two years. She is on Meatacam & Yumove & also has Acupuncture once a month. She has Spondulosis ( has had it for some years now ) but she is doing ok. She looks as though she has had a drop too much to drink when she walks - could do with some sort of walking aid, but she seems happy enough.I still get 66% cover on her Insurance so that does help bearing in mind I am on my own since I lost my husband two years ago. Could we maybe start a splinter group for geriatric cats ? 😻

  • good Idea a splinter group for aged pets I got a quote this morning Pet plan came back to me and because of Misty's age they are offering a premium of £18:52 monthly which sounds reasonable as your pet ages you never know what lies ahead but you sure got a happy cat and what an age.

    something I picked up on facebook

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