Breaking news part 2

Breaking news part 2

Hospital check in machines out of order today(as usual)

Sleeping receptionist admits cat in error

Tired nurse measures,bleeds and ticks boxes

Cheery Anesthesia consultant promises pain free procedure and free oxygen

Match day tickets(standing only)available 17th october

Done and dusted..............................skis and not home alone cat xxxx

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Did you bring her with you ? I'm sure she'd have cheered up all those weary, bored nurses and technicians :)

Thrilled that it's done and dusted and that tickets still be available.

Scruffy was sleeping after a full breakfast so i left her at home,after a lunch time treat she has gone back to bed again.Hard life ain't it!..................skis and snores x

my little sod decided to wake me at 2 am by paddling on my chest along with her ghost pal (oh! yes, I have a cat that wanders my room and the corridors outside in ghost-like form. And no I am not on any hallucinogenics as yet but I do take a shed load, morning, lunch, tea and night.


Oh dear Ant,i hope you do not get phantom pooh in your wardrobe or wet slippers lol have a dream free day on me..............x

pooh in not so usual places for her but that is all skis, my fault for not cleaning her toilet out

Ant, believe it or not I was thinking longingly of middle of the night cat invasions myself. My big hunk of furry feline who died last June, is sadly missed. He was a big black cat with a white shirt and always looked so handsome. He loved to appear under cover of darkness and I'd wake up from the weight of ten ton cat, staring intently into my eyes from about two inches away. He wouldn't start to purr or knead ( paddle) until I interacted with him but then it was a deep rumbling purr and those two front paws working overtime. He always aimed for my jugular vein, so I'd guide his paws behind my neck and let him loose on the pillow. He was a reserved and nervous cat but capable of very intense affection.

He was like the Milk Tray man. I miss those visits from my dark prince. Last night when I was feeling really unwell and probably over medicated, I found myself wondering if I could have visits from his ghost.

Oh dear ! Should we call Ghostbusters ?

Oh! dear Bilijean what a gorgeous cat he must have been in his days, my contacts with the other side I put down to my grandfather who came from a family of mediums I seem to have picked up this gift but chose to leave it there after all I live in what used to be an old homeopathic hospital and believe me there are plenty of ghosts.

Well if I can rustle up just the one - my darling Splash - I'd be happy.

Similar routine to my moggy, breakfast - into the garden via front door stroll around to back garden enter via back door and then bed. Repeat after lunch, and evening snack. Think I'd like to be a cat - especially when it's cold.

Magpus,reading your post has magically awoken Scruffy cat who is now making strange noises in demand of lord knows what,affection,?food ?its an endless chain of requests for more,who would not want to be a cat?lol x

Perplexing when they do that, I seldom get it right - not food? not fuss? 'sometimes' play. The little lazar light's favourite for the moment but when I have things to do I fob her off with a few treats instead, sometimes it works - at least for a little while then there's another conversation about....'what'?

Do they sell "Temptations" over there? Whenever I'd let my guy out for a wee or a hunt I'd just have to shake the bag and bellow "treats, treats Romie" He would just tear a strip off the lawn as he rounded the corner for his treats. What the hecks in those things? Never met a cat that didn't love their Temptations!😼 Miss him terribly ☹

Glad to hear that this is normal behaviour for cats mag, I thought mine were depressed. But they have 'enforced' fresh air time for at least 30 minutes after breakfast and I won't let them back upstairs until they've been up for an hour.

BTW they spend the fresh air time with their noses pressed against the patio door :) Tough love !

that's so window cleaner comes fortnightly but i could employ him daily to wipe scruffy's paw and nose marks of the patio door window.:) i am too soft to give tough love!

These two are treated like queens, have no worries. But I get worried about them being in bed 22/7. I play in the garden with them when they surface mid-afternoon and encourage them in o stick around for some family time after dinner. They are always luckier and brighter after someone plays with them and may even attack the clothesline pole or take a mad Gallup round the trees. Ther's method into madness, they didn't get up until 10.20 this morning, allowing a mor in for the humans.

BJ you love them to bits which is great but you have control which is even better.i have found that cats really do need interaction to stimulate them.i just wish i had more energy and mobility to do so for scruffy.she has become so dependant on me for company since Cecilia passed and sometimes i think she is trying to replace that love lost which is nice but a bit freaky at hernie and i will run her round the block for fun and my future fitness.both will be winners then.:)

Better get Scruffy in training for the laps tound the block. 😼


πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΏπŸ™€ but then after Re-entry into the Promised Land, 😺😻😸.

Sadly for her she did not come with me, her owner is another resident who was very unpleasant with her, then started behavioural issues plus she started to bring in wild kill much to the dread of the nursing staff, finally, the day came when the manager spoke to me saying she had 2 which I got pushed to 3-4 months, if no improvement in that time it would be the naughty kitties home for her, in that time we really bonded and she bonded well with the other residents and staff plus the night staff (her means of getting in and out) this kitty is not daft she bonds well more so when people are good to her and knows well she is on a good number well fed and looked after by the vet if needed she is on a chair at the side of me snoozing away, The manager from those days cannot believe she was the same cat who had big problems.

So she is with you now Ant ? I hope so.

Love to you and the getting on with it cat. Xxxxx

Thank you my happy couple xx

I love animal lovers!!!! Xx

So do I Lin. I think people who love animals are trustworthy and compassionate. I'm sure, someone will come up with an exception, but 99% for sure.

Do you have pets ?

No I use to Billiejea. My son has a pugle. I take her every now and then when i am can. I love dogs alot and also cats had many when my children were little up till bout 6 yrs ago. Had a red Persian cat and he had to be put down. I missed him terribly,no other could replace him. I fed him can food,he refused dry he aged he had more and more problems then dental. I was told there was nothing they could do,i fed him eye dropper full of broth and he licked puree can food about a few months and was in pain,so i had to put him down. He was about 10 :(So I just go visit pets or have pets visit with me. I animal sit for my daughter and son. My sons dog Emma is the baby of my daughter'sbeagle and pug. Ha ha. They my precious little fur babies. My daughter'sbeagle getting old ... :( I miss all my pets. I think heaven will be perfect,so they definitely will be there :)

It's great that you can still have so much contact with pets. Maybe even better in a way, because like grandchildren, you can hand them back to mum and dad for the difficult. I can feel your pain about your red Persian. They just break your heart when they go. My 'dark prince' who was put to sleep in June, is still causing a lot of grieving. The two I have now are almost 17 and 9, so I'm prepared for the possibility of the older one becoming sick. Mind you, she's as tough as old boots with all her faculties still intact.

I believe Scruff likes this blog, not for air and not for doctors, but for the mascot on 2Grey's handle picture. Scruff, you beast!!!

she has taken one or two under her wing so to speak.quite normal for cats lol x

The 17th is on my calendar. Someone has to keep Scruffy in order. πŸ™‚ xx

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