Don't surrender Shout Back !! (Update on Insurance Claim)

As some of you may know I have been fighting for the release of my Mortgage Insurance, having less than a year to live? This has been going on for 6 Months despite the insurance company ( AEGON) having my medical records and letters from my consultant and 2 legal / medical professionals (giving me an expiry date of Feb 2016).

Aegon use a computer programme (Du-Bois Scale) and the computer says NO.... I have shot myself in the foot by self medicating at home when I have regular Lung Exacerbation. Hospital stays get you more points!!.

After 6 Months of heated exchanges, letters to their CEO and complaints department which only gave me 'Fobbing' off replies. I spoke to them on Thursday and they were still adamant they were not going to pay out. So I said I am going to the media and broadcast the disgusting way you are treating a terminally ill person who should be enjoying the time he has left not fighting and stressing. I then hung up on them.

True to my word, on Friday, I e-mailed local ITV, BBC, Our local Newspaper and Edinburgh News (Aegon are based in Edinburgh). I am now awaiting their response, though the BBC have contacted me and said they would get someone to speak to me on Monday!!

Late Friday evening I got an unexpected call from Aegon saying they have reconsidered their decision and are now going to release my policy- (Has someone rattled their cage?).

It was such a relief that I no longer have to search for my mortgage payment each month. I am on a small personal pension and my wife had to give up her job to become my carer. So money has been tight. But why the heck has it taken Aegon 6months to pay my claim.

They even admitted that they will have to pay the claim out sooner rather than later. So why would they not take the word of 3 highly qualified medical people in the first place instead of relying on a computer programme.

I feel sorry for all other Aegon Policy holders. But don't accept what people say as gospel KEEP FIGHTING and never let the B******ds grind you down.

If the media do contact me I will still go ahead with the story (if they still want it) just to forewarn others. I will not just concede saying 'Well I've been paid out so there is no point' -----Name and Shame

Only got my legal compensation case for asbestosis to sort out before my demise and that's been going on for over 4 years !!!!! But I'm a fighter :)

Rant Over

Hope you are all keeping as well as you can

Take Care


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Well done you! So pleased you have achieved your aim, also so sad that they would choose not to pay out to a person who has paid his mortgage kept his side of contract only to be kicked by the very company who were happy to take monthly mortgage instalments but not willing to take there turn in pay out, I sure hope you do talk to media highlight how the sick are trampled on by big businesses who use there sickness against them, being unwell, ailing, disabled, infirm, does not make anyone less of a human being it unfortunately just makes them more vulnerable, I wish you well i really hope that you become the David to their Goliath xx

Hi Plumbob. My goodness your problems with Aegon make mine with the Blue Badge idiots look like mere irritants.

If you get a chance to do something with the BBC do take advantage. As you said, other people need to be warned. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with treating people in this disgusting way.

In Feb 2015 the QE in Bham refused to admit me with pneumonia and an empyema because I live in Warwickshire, even though I have been attending clinic there for 32 years and my consultant wanted to treat me immediately. I got in by sitting in A&E for two hours, spending 48 hours on the A&E ward fending off the attentions of doctors who wanted to stick tubes in me whilst my consultant was wringing her hands unable to make contact with me.

I finally got a bed on the respiratory ward when I blew my top and a nurse went up to see if there was a bed.

After this debacle I contacted a marvellous health correspondent at the BBC Midlands called Michele Paduano. He came to my house and made a film. When the QE were told that this was going out they tried to discredit me in his eyes and bombarded me with phone calls asking me to tell him not to put it out. Well it did go out- on every bulletin for a whole day. Letters and accusations that my consultant was to blame for a 'misunderstanding' followed eventually by an admittance that they were wrong, ensued.

When I visited my consultant in May she told me that they had just altered their policy and that She could now have me automatically admitted.

Perhaps the Blue Badge people should take note!

Well done you for persisting even though it must be last thing that you want to do. Big hugs Plumbob.

Thanks littlepom - I also had to go to the press to get my Blue Badge -it's so frustrating!!

I am lucky I have a good consultant. We are on the border of three Authorities Durham, Darlington , and North Tees. I am Treated in Darlington as that's where I went for 10 months of chemo. If I had to call an ambulance I would be sent to North Tees (nearest Hospital) but my consultant has always said go to the Darlington Memorial Hospital. where they would accommodate me because of my complex condition. In 2015 my wife took me there on New Years Morning as I had developed sepsis in the lungs. If she hadn't I would have been dead if I had to wait for an ambulance or go to casualty on a busy night, as the nurse said I probably only had an hour to live if I was left untreated. Scary but sadly that's the plight of the NHS.

Take care


Thought the English/Welsh thing was bad enough, but that is even worse!


From all your posts you have always been my number one super hero on here and i am so pleased for you.Wait until the cheque is in the post?Then you can nail the bar stewards to the yard arm with equally good effect.It will still be relevant and useful for all trying to follow the same process.Keep on fighting and enjoying life..........................skis and scruffy x



Just because I get my pants and trousers on the wrong way round doesn't make me a super hero, ( and I thought nobody new about the issue with my trousers and pants??) LOL I just won't allow people to walk over me ?

At one point I think I said to the Aegon Rep dealing with it that he is at the top of my haunting list just to prove he was wrong !!! LOL

I received an e-mail confirming the release of my policy so they would be in a dodgy situation if they rescinded it now !!

I always make sure my facts are right and have proof before I fire bullets !!

Take Care


I'm so pleased that you have fought them hammer and tongs to get what's due to you both ....i could say a few more choice words but I'm sure you have used them already over the last 6 months... wish you all the best Angie xxx

Angie - I am sure you are too lady like to use expletives ???? LOL

But I do now have a full swear box beside the phone !!!!

Take Care

Owen X

I am too much of a lady for sure ...enjoy the swear box dosh on a curry lol take care xxx

You keep fighting Owen but it's so sad that you have to fight for what is rightfully yours. Shame on you Aegon and the asbestosis people. Dreadful way to treat you. Name and shame indeed. Xxxx

Do hope you get everything sorted out so that you can get some positive relaxed time with your family. Many blessings, and curses on nit picking insurance companies. Heaven help us all when robots take over the world xx

Some companies CEO's need a real talking to ... one option is to buy a couple of shares in their business; this entitles you to receive a copy of their accounts, date and location of their AGM AND you are entitled to attend the AGM.

Our company has an elderly couple who have a few shares in many companies (not a fortune just a few pounds) and they spend their time going to AGM's and are treated like royalty - you CAN table a question at these meetings as well!

Plumbob, so sorry that you need the payout, so happy you got it - well done to you!!

Hi Plumbob Thats great news but why did you not go to FSA when the mesed you about.

As to new story am sure will be clauses on relise of payment mortgage.

Great news and now concentrate on your health best care

Hi Jeff

I did go to FSA and considering my response was more or less -Give them a couple of months to see if it's sorted and they will chase it up if it isn't concluded. Another two months down the road waiting and my wife might have been handing them my death certificate -Obviously didn't understand urgency of the time scale. So basically a waste of time !!

Take Care


I took a case to the FSA reference my mortgage and they were a complete waste of time. I always check all my facts too so I should have definitely won the case. I can't remember exactly what it was now but I think it was something to do with having a "collar" on the mortgages. All I can remember is the interest rates were 0.5% and my company were charging me 5.49%. It was supposed to be a mortgage that tracks the Bank of England rate. So should have been 0.5% plus around 1.5%. The FSA did absolutely nothing so I was stuck with paying the 5.49% instead of around 2% interest.

I was in real danger of losing my home and too ill to move so I was not a happy person!

I am finding it difficult to carry on with the endless battles. I too am awaiting compensation but will be waiting a very long time having gotten too weak to continue. I am so pleased you have been strong enough to fight them Owen.

Best wishes to you love from

Twinkling Star Xx

Twinkle -We shouldn't have to fight thought -especially given our conditions? These big organisations just walk all over if you let them- Fortunately I am like a nasty little wasp and I wont go away, even if I don't manage to succeed I will always buzz around them and constantly niggle away at them till they get sick.

Sorry to hear of your plight, Try and stay as strong as possible, and keep sucking it in !!!

Take Care

Owen x

Plumbing, you have lived -and won - to fight another day. Moving brusquely on now to next point on your agenda πŸ˜‰.

Good on you, I would still name and shame, it's disgusting that you have to fight for what your entitled to. 😈😈xx

Well done Plumbob. You're helping others too. Just brilliant. Hope you get a good result on your asbestosis case soon x

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