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Do you use oxygen therapy? Can you help BLF?

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Hi everyone,

We’re reviewing our information on oxygen therapy and we’d love to know your thoughts. If you use oxygen to help manage your condition and would be willing to give us some feedback, please email Judith Watts at by 15 September and she’ll send you more details.

Thank you,


BLF Admin

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Yes I would love to give you review on my oxygen therapy

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mrsmummy in reply to jimmyg23

Hi Jimmy. If you contact Judith as Ben describes above she will give you more details about how you can take part. :)

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Paitent experiances and monitoring are top of list but as with most things and austerity monitoring drops by way side.

Here is intresting read about ABC of oxygen in lung diseased.

I guess its all down to how vocal you are on experiences you have with oxygen & monitoring

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