norovirus UPDATE

Well was at doc's early today or yesterday WITH rank virus depending when reading this ... some might remember last post i did on norovirus and 24 hours of going toilet.

Well doc said all was well FOR checked germs SO the don't know what caused 24 hour toilet going.

Well apart form doxciline maintenance antibiotics i take as prob cause.

So the writing to my lung doctor asking about other maintenance antibiotic my giblets can tolerate.

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Hi dp you have anything like actimel drinks or probiotic yogurt. This will help to maintain gut health. The other thing that can help is porridge for breakfast. Best wishes

Hi Cheers Had world of gut trouble THINK maintenace atibiotics sterilised my guts.

Tried lots of things but stuff as to be fast absorbing given gut inflamation.

I have yoguts and take fast absorbing live bacteria pills to help with stomach health immunty.

I tried all sorts and having ibs complicates things AS the say eat healthy but most things goid for guts is not good for ibs or bloating especially if suffering from lung hyperinflation.

Will give porridge a try tho :)

Hi Jeff,

The problem with taking probiotics whilst taking abs is that they can stop the ab from absorbing. It is fine to take them between bouts of taking abs to try to get the guts right. It is a bind that we all find ourselves in but unfortunately most people do not realise that this can happen. My consulant has never wanted me to have doxy because she says it is a nasty drug. I's a joke really because they can all make us feel awful. I'm sorry that you are having such a grim time of it for so long.

Hi Cheers have thought about germ reactions with having immunty issues THUS far had bigger issues sorting good bacteriea out for my guts.

Guess thats why the say fast absorbing to counteract abs and or inflamation.

Am thinking this no quick fixes AND fix one and other just as bad pops up

too true.

Hi there, I have to take Azithromycin 3 times a week, I was fine at the start then my giblets really started playing up and I got terrible stomachache too. I begged to stop antibiotics but doctors said please don't.

I now take an ultra strength probiotic. Apparently it is important to have at least 10 different probiotic strains and more than 20 billion live cultures. You have to check the use by date, buy the freshest possible and keep in fridge once open. The good ones are expensive, but prices do vary. Apparently not all probiotics are equal, and some of those sold will do absolutely nothing.

These have not cured my giblet problems, but have gone from a 7 day a week problem to on average 3 days.

What's so annoying about this is that the doctors themselves seem to know nothing about the which are the right probiotics, and don't care about my tummy as long as my lungs are good. I got my best advice from a super good pharmacist. ( but even they are a bit random)

I don't know if Azithromycin is better than Docycline. But I do know that what they give you depends on what has infested your lungs. So it may be the best one for you.



Hi cheers your defo right about doctors and probiotics.

I was on Azithromycin 7 days a week not really sure why i had to take it for 7 days but guess someone had to be ginne pig ANYWAY had to stop asp as had heart event.

Now am on Docycline and is horried on guts but doc is looking at something else SO just waiting.

Hope things improve very soon JAS. Take care xxxxx

Hi cheers n thanks

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