Chest Xray

Chest Xray

Well have rank virus ... truly is awful felt like my Airway was jamming up with gunk BUT strange thing is my cats been unwell with it too.

Was bad as was already on antibiotics SO was surprised to catch it.

Guess am lucky its not on my chest BUT did effect my eating breathing as nose was gridlocked up.

My doctor sent me for xray after i told him i had been coughing up tad blood after coughing fits.

Told him am not worried as was nothing and would thought throat was raw and cause.

Anyway he sent me for xray AND i was sat there looking at my xray that was displayed on both monitor nurse sits.

And what a miserable nurse she was AFTER i give my X-ray good eyeballing i asked nurse is THAT my X-ray.

She turned monitor off AND said no its not developed yet.

I don't know why the so full of it LIKE we don't know about procedures quality control.

Anyway ONE part of left / right lung upper looked tad rank

But issue is DOSE anyone know what this doctors writing say's in picture

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  • It's says Haemoptysis which means coughing up blood and looks like it says smoker

  • Hi cheers glad the got that bit right.

  • I only know coz I had it recently. Took two rounds of antibiotics to clear it. They should also check your d-dimer levels via bloods to make sure it's not a pulmonary embolism

  • Hi cheers don't think its blood clot breathing been ok and took few xray views.

    Have never heard of that D-Dimer stuff but on subject of blood clots was worried when leg swollen up but nurse said was just edema from leaky stuff.

    Cheers thanks for reply HEADs UP n if things change defo be at AE

  • They took X-rays of me too and saw nothing but he said they check d-dimer levels anyway in case it's a series of small clots.

    Jesus the nurse should have ran the bloods straight away. From what I know the levels show if there are clots in the body somewhere.

    Good luck- hopefully you won't need hospital. A week of Klacid cleared it up for me

  • Hi cheers thanks cor reply info DEFO on ball with doctors and what should be done.

    I thought same as you when leg swallon up.

    Have pretty good GP now ONE thats tad more interested.

    Seems egor to help so he can fill is boots as long as some benefit for me.

    Cheers thanks again an defo watch whats happing and thanks for info name antibiotic

  • Keep on them. It's frustrating to have to do it but you know your body best.

  • Hi cheers am glad they did xray other doctors was reluctant.

    But since i suffered back stenosis and passing out i wanted xray as things had changed.

    But its like talking to wall sometimes.

    Things seem to be moving in right direction now tho.

  • Hi there. I can't make out the first word at all - haemo something? After enlarging the screen I think the second one may be 'smoker'.

  • Hi cheers yer i seen smoker and suffered mental block lol

  • I hope you soon recover. :)

  • Cheers and thanks WHEN i was at doctors was full of em

    Guess flu stuff as beat vaccines yet again

  • Feel better soon JAS xxxx

  • Hi cheers sassy had forgot how bad infection sore throat can bee.

  • good luck jas,get yourself a doctor with better handwriting please..........skisxx

  • Thats better than my lung doctor lol

  • They have bad handwriting classes in medical school.

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