Breathing problems

Hi this is my first time on here 11th August 2017. I am terrified because I was diagnosed two weeks ago with Emphysema. I don't know if it's a COPD so is there anyone who can tell me.y mother died from Emphysema at ,66, years of age. I will be,64 on ,31st of August, now do you see why I am terrified? I also believe I have developed Pluerisy due to a very sharp pain I keep getting in the region of my left lung which halts me breathing because it really hurts. I have had pluerisy before around 20 years ago so I do know the symptoms. The last time I had it I was hospitalised for 6 weeks and had to travel by ambulance at 5mph to the Manchester Royal Infirmary to have radio active mist injected and inhaled because my previous x-ray had shown me to have a blood clot close to my heart. Luckily for me I was ok and was given Warfarin. Can anybody give me any advice now?? Thank you for any help you can give me.


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11 Replies

  • Welcome to BLF on Health Unlocked. Emphysema comes under the COPD umbrella. It isn't an automatic death sentence. Members on here often have it for decades. Others will be along to give support.

  • Thank you! I'm looking forward to hearing more about this.

  • I always thought so moogle until my respiratory nurse told me that while most people come under the copd banner, it is possible to have emphysema without copd and vice versa. And no I don't understand it either!

  • Hi and wellcome. I have had copd from my mid 20s and have a very small amount of emphasemia. You need to try to come to terms with having the condition. I would suggest you take a pulmonary rehab course. It will teach you alot about your condition and help you to be active and get some exercise.

    I am57 and go to health circuits 2 times a week. Try and keep positive. Try to have some fun and ebjoy life. There is no definate age that any of us will die

    I would not even think about it.

    Take care of yourself.

  • Hi, I have Emphysema and Asthma I'm 58 and the thought of either of them putting me in an early grave has never entered my mind. As long as you no longer smoke (if you ever did) eat a relatively healthy diet and do what ever excersise you can then there is no reason not to have a long life. I understand your worry with your mum dying from the same thing at nearly the same age but one doesn't mean the other. That accident that's always around the corner is as likely to kill you as the Emphysema. With regards to the pleurisy I'd get straight to your GP or A&E and have that looked at before the weekend starts. Let us know how you get on, and please stop worrying x

  • Hi, MjRock. May I suggest you get back to your GP to get your chest pain checked out - then if it is pleurisy it will be treated properly so that you get better sooner. I was diagnosed with moderate COPD on my 60th birthday a couple of years ago. Since then I have followed all the good suggestions of people on this site and have not deteriorated at all.

    My previous husband died of heart failure caused by of his severe COPD at the age of 73, having had the condition some 10 years or more. He did not look after himself as I am doing, continued to smoke, did not exercise but committed suicide by sofa after several years of pushing himself far too hard rather than living within his limitations - no middle road.

    The messages I got from here were: stop smoking if you still do, and avoid smoke, fumes and other triggers. Eat healthily. Get off the sofa and start exercising. Avoid people with colds and infections, and wash your hands a lot. Take your medication as prescribed, and go back to your doctor if they don't work - if your doctor can't help, ask for a referral to a consultant. And ask to go on a Pulmonary Rehab course - that will help you learn how to exercise safely and how to live well within the limitations of your condition.

    All the best, M.

  • Thanks good advice

  • Hello MjRock welcome to the site. I understand why you are so concerrned about the diagnosis, but with good management of your illness you should have a good life. Sorry can't stop you worrying if thats your nature, but many people live for years with lung illnesses but care, healthy living and best treatment are important to life a reasonable quality of life. Hope when you speak to others on the site it will give your moral a boost. Best Wishes, take care and live each day to the full.

  • Hello and welcome. Firstly completely forget about your mother dying of Emphysema at the age of 67. Yes very sad but does not mean you will die at the same age. Yes Emphysema is part of COPD (lots of things are grouped under COPD). I was diagnosed with Emphysema when I was 40 years old and it slowly worsened over the years because I continued to smoke. I finally stopped smoking 13 years ago and it has stayed pretty stable since then. I am now aged 67. As per your advice from others I would totally agree if you can get onto a Pulmonary course then do it, exercise as much as you can even if its only a daily walk and eat healthily. Then no reason at all why you should not for many years to come. I wish you well. Ruth

  • Hi you are not your mother and treatments have moved on a lot since then. Please listen to the great advice you have been given. We are the ones who live with lung disease and we know what we are talking about. Stay with us on here.

  • Greetings

    A diagnosis of emphysema is NOT a death sentence. It's a warning to change your lifestyle. If you smoke - stop. If you don't take any exercise - start. If you don't drink enough water - you must.

    My initial diagnosis was in 1988 and, of course, my lungs have deteriorated but I can still tell the tale. Get that suspected pleurisy sorted, then go and see a respiratory specialist for the right meds and treatments you need to continue to live a full, happy and productive life.

    If you need them -- anti-depressants could help you through this tough time and aren't an admission of weakness, or stupidity or self pity or anything else. They are life savers!


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