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Symbicort inhalers

I have been on Symbicort Turbohaler and the prescription I picked up this time is the Symbicort pressurised inhaler has anybody else had their prescription changed to this by the Pharmicist I have been using it as I have none of the other left I have been on the Turbohaler for a couple of years, have they changed it now can anybody advise me, I will talk to Pharmacist tomorrow.

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It has been available for just about 1 year now.

"It is indicated in adults with COPD who have a post-bronchodilator FEV1 less than 70% predicted normal and a history of exacerbations despite regular bronchodilator therapy. Two puffs are taken twice daily."


Thanks for your quick reply and internet link


Once or twice I have came out the chemist with a different type of inhaler and took it back in . I refuse to be changed and now check the prescription is the right one before I pay ...if they can't understand what I clearly write when ordering my specifics they need to sort it lol rant over xxxx


Hello jillyd I am on the symbicort pressurised inhaler they are better than the other one but get your doctor to give you a prescription for an aerochamber it will help to deliver the symbicort better


Thankyou I already have one of these that I use with my Ventolin is it the same one for the Symbicort.


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