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30% Lung capacity


Hi, I live in the United States of America. I recently found out I'm at 30% Lung capacity. I couldn't even believe the doc. I thought it was a joke. However after reading some of the articals I see it isn't a joke. I can do most but not without troubles. In very active but I sweat allot when doing normal things. My new lung doc said he Vann improve my health but after reading these articles I see its all Down hill from here. My wife I recently married doesn't want me researching my problem. She feels it brings me down. But it is what it is. I fish, walk allot. Do yard work I just moved 4 times from house to house and now another move with no help. Over 4 in my family so you know I've had my hands full. Stay strong and push hard. That's how I deal with it.

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Guess that's one way of dealing with it ... glad your coping well DID doc's say how why it's 30%

I am sorry to hear that you have become these results. Could you tell us a bit more about your lung disease and how you got to 30% lung capacity?

I am having a high resolution CT scan on 16th August to confirm my consultant's prelimenary diagnosis of lung fibrosis. Therefore I understand your angst and concern for your future.

Apart from the sweats, do you have other prominent symptoms?


did you new lung doctor say how he can improve your health..? you didnt say what was the course of your low lung capacity..do you know what it is..?

life is just beginning -keep enjoying and follow good DR orders....:)

Hi, I'd say that no matter what your numbers say you must keep on doing what you can, when you can, because you can. The more you do for yourself the better you'll feel. As for Dr Google let him preach to the unwise and stay well clear. Good luck x

"...Stay strong and push hard. .."

Very good philosophy and as far as not researching it, I believe ignorance breeds trouble of one kind or another; if I were buying new tires for my truck, I'd certainly do a bit of a background lookup; if I'd do that for my truck..., why not for me?

I think the doc's input and the tests are important as far as keeping in tune with your health but I've discovered that the way I feel inside as the one occupying this space inside my body is much better/stronger than my lung doc's FEV tests would seem to indicate.

I've long thought that a large part of the problem with having a "condition" such as ours is the incessant pity party and ill-informed advice heaped on one's self, no matter how 'well-meaning' it might be. That sort of thing can have a deleterious effect on one's overall morale/outlook if it's given too much credence.

Salude !!


Hello and welcome - sounds as though you're doing great, so carry on doing what you're doing

I have COPD/Emphysema and last week was told I have 23%. I try to exercise every day but I am extremely limited 2 minutes walking on a treadmill and 3 minutes on a cycle indoors. I do all my sitting exercises but remain very disabled. I also have vascular disease and Atrial Fibrillation I am 70. I research as I believe knowledge is part of my ability to handle this illness. Enjoy every day with gratitude helps me along.

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