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Chest infection? Again? (Warning this is long)

Hi I previously posted about yet another head cold and now what's again feel as if it's on my chest, this is the 5th since December. Seems to start with a head cold and then I get a sore throat, coughing mucus (itchy/ tickling sensation in side right shoulder every time) I don't get fevers or feel terribly ill just not right. I'm getting so fed up and down about this without any explanation.

Bit of history- it all seemed to start almost a year ago, (not looking Ng after quitting smoking) I felt slight short of breath more like it was taking more of an effort. Long story short Iv had numerous pfts, one chest x-ray which was normal and 3 ct scans which all showed "subtle centrilobular nodules" most radiology reports said could suggest mild inflammatory smoking damage, I then had a bronchial challenge which is used to diagnose asthma which I slightly responded to but not typical of asthma and resp con said shows mild bronchial irrational. And then discharged me in feb, I have tried to carry on and put all this at the back of my mind and get on with my life but I can't ignore the way I feel I really feel this is affecting me, I would love to be able to get on as all the tests investigations had me so anxious but I really don't real right, I have a 3 year old child and we would love to have another soon but I'm petrified I will get worse and won't be able to manage and I'm the back of my mind I feel this could be something much more. I have been tracking my peak flow which has always been 500 and always 550, 15 mins after symbicort (does this indicate something) I took this morning and it's down to 430-450 it's never been this low before. I'm so sorry for the long ramble and I just don't know what to do, get second opinion and open the door to more months of awfulness and maybe just the same outcome or leave it and hope it doesn't come to anything, the repeat chest colds and needing symbicort every morning and evening (really find it helps so much) makes me think this mustn't be normal 😞 thank you for listening to my rant 🙂

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I was born with premature lungs and have had asthma my whole life.So,I sure do sympathize with you.I too have been getting a lot of headifferent and/or chest colds.I've had the same doctor my whole life and he blames allergies.Also,I noticed that me getting sicker happened after my insurance stopped covering my Advair which is kind of expensive.So maybe you can look into this medicine.Do you have any allergies that your aware of?


l think we all have some allergens l do and have been tested for them,one is house dust and the other is freshly cut grass.


Hi Tinkz,

A couple of thoughts; while smoking you felt okay: stopped then a few months later started to feel really "not right"? Often suggested that it takes "a short while" for your body to adjust to the absence of nicotine - but, as we are all different, in some cases it takes a lot longer (or less). So, just maybe, you are still adjusting?

Since COPD I've not had a cold, just go straight to chest infections! What I have learned is to keep away from people who are unwell and, particularly kids as they seem to be bug factories - I wonder if your 3 year old is the source of the constant infections? If so, I have no idea how to resolve that without ridiculous and extreme ideas!

Perhaps working towards building your strength to fight infections is an option? Regular exercise, a PR course, review how you live e.g. how clean is the air (coal fires/open windows etc), is there any [controllable] pollution, etc, etc.

Good luck


Hi Tinkz, I am sorry you still

Have issues after quitting. Some of the symptoms you have are similar to mine. My problems is still present and it's been 1 year 4 months now. Try to hang in there and most importantly try not to stress. Take care.


Thank you all so much for replies, I'm sorry it's taking so long to reply, feeling a lot better after the bug

Re allergies i was tested last year and had a few responses, grass, dust mites, and a few others although I'd say they weren't very significant as I didn't seem to react very much ( tiniest spots on arms)

Thanks For the advice Y-not!! I did wonder to begin with if it may have all been due to quitting buts it's been almost a year now and not getting any better, starting coughing up yellow phlegm in the morning which is still going since January. Yes I do agree I think my 3 year old brings back all the germs from nursery (luckily she doesn't get many) i was always the last to get them now I feel since January Iv had a lot! My diet is really good take lots of vitamins and I keep a clean and dust free home however we do have a very cold bedroom and have probs with mould in there (living in New Zealand) in a rented house and the insulation is not existing and is very cold at this time of year.

Hope your doing ok sam!! Have you had any answers!

Thanks again to you all and hope your all keeping well 😊


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