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Dropping SATS

Had six weeks on antibiotics for an exacerbation from mid-February that would not go away and then got shingles - severe and extensive according to the GP, now two months on from that. I have bronchiectasis and asthma and my SATS are usually good, 95+,.but recently my SATS have been dropping intermittently to the low 70s. If I sit down they usually come up again within half an hour or so. Any ideas why this should be happening?

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I am having lots of trouble with my sats I've told the matron District nu se physio Doctor. And oxygen nurse she put me up from 1 litre at rest 2 mobile 3 if need to but I'm still dropping into 60 s and once even 41 I see consultant Thursday. First since diagnosed 6 year ago went on oxygen December oxygen nurse coming back Friday. I have to be careful because I'm a retainers.I hope you get some answers from your Doctors let us know what happens take care


Thank you for your reply - hope your problems are sorted soon. I am not on O2 and the problem is intermittent but unpredictable; some days I can do very little other days I am fine and yet others the incidents come and go through the day.


Sorry Pentreath good question I wish I knew the answer, never seem to know what mine are like from one day to the next. Let's hope some knowledgeable member will give us some ideas! Xx

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