Slippery fellow an adder on our walk this morning

Slippery fellow an adder on our  walk this morning



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18 Replies

  • Wow! There's a sight Angie. Xxxx

  • Don't see them very often now sassy x

  • Warming up for the day on the rocks.

  • More like under the rock lol

  • That's different! I've never seen a snake 'in the wild' so to speak, do they move very fast?

  • Used to be quite common here magpuss but very rare you see one now slippery and fast and a bite that could be nasty one of them had my dog on the nose years ago she was in the vets for over a week on antibiotics xx

  • Oooo that does sound painful, probably expensive too - poor pooch.

  • Goodness. I wouldn't have expected that. We had a bull blocking our way on a walk yesterday. Guess what? We didn't walk passed it! Huge beast! It had got out of a field and it was snorting and raising its head!

  • I love seeing a bull but contained in his field lol x

  • My primal fear of snakes is very strong, I hate snakes or things that look like them, like eels and slow worms.

  • Sorry 🌹 have a flower of peace lol

  • We have grass snakes here , they are often in the garden and in the river.

    One did make me jump last year .... It was curled up on top of large Doris pink plant , it saw me long before I saw it's shot across the landing stage and into the water before I could even manage a squeeeeeek .


  • There fascinating creatures how they slither .years back I found an adder with a whole toad in its mouth the toad was massive and you wonder the power of the snakes jaws to capture it ...what part of the world are you buzzytruk have a lovley Sunday xxx

  • Hi.....we are the fens ...South Lincolnshire /South Holland district..

    Very flat ,lots of waterways , lovely clear air....

    Where are you ?????


  • Hampshire new forest area close to Beaulieu xx

  • How lovely ,. We are down your way in a few weeks time not quite as far into the New Forest as you are... We are overnight in Cadnam ....we are off on a cruise to celebrate our Wedding anniversary,,. We come down the day before and park up for the 2/52. Couldn't manage the train with all I pack 😁 😉


  • Ah how lovley I'm 30 mins ish from Cadnam...wheres the cruise to somewhere hot and warm I'm guessing xxx

  • Don't like snakes,,,,

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