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Not COPD but Asthma


Hi everyone had good news yesterday as following visit to a different GP 3 weeks ago when I was not well and had terrible cough and she listened to my chest and said it sounds more like Asthma to me. She put me on steriods and antibiotics for a week and said she would discuss my diagnosis with the other doctors (who have never listened to my chest). I was always not happy because I have never smoked and did not get out of breath even when walking up very steep hills. Had appointment to see her yesterday and she told me that after discussing my spirometary results I have late on set Asthma which makes more sense to me. Feel lucky I had an emergency appointment with her that day 3 weeks ago otherwise I would be still thinking it was COPD

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Pleased about your diagnosis, although you could probably do without that , but thank goodness for a doctor who took the trouble to pursue it.

Thanks yes I am thinking its the lesser of two not good things to have


Hi the definitive tests for asthma are either the peak and flow one or a spirometry. The latter will also determine if you have copd. Have you had either of these tests yet? I hope it is asthma and not copd.

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Hi yes have had spirometry which is why I was told it was COPD but have seen different GP when I was ill and she listened to my chest said it sounded more like asthma and was going to speak to other doc and re look at my results I have always queried the COPD as I have never smoked and I do not get out of breath especially when walking up steep hills (I do a lot of walking) but have for a long time had a cough at this time of year. I went in National Trust House last year in the library had to get out as breathing was affected which made me thing it was to do with the old books so all makes sense now

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Oh I see. As copd and asthma can overlap it is often hard to distinguish between them. Also if you have asthma it is very possible to be borderline copd and to slip in and out of the range on any given day.

Around 15% of all copd sufferers have never smoked but often their parents did round them. Others have worked in certain trades such as the rag trade and construction. A few get it for no obvious reason and others have a genetic component.

I do hope you haven't got copd though.

Good news indeed. Did any of the GPs prescribe inhalers? Hopefully you'll get low dose preventer and rescue inhalers. It sounds as though you may have an allergy that set it off. If so, it would be nice to know what it is. Mine is mould .....spent years hoovering the dog, sleeping with hyperallergenic bed ware believing it was dust mite or poor Fred.

As long as your asthma is controlled life can be great. Problems arise when it isn't controlled or you catch colds, coughs that become chest infections.

Good luck. P

Yes I am really relieved about it all I have been using Fostair had that since January

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