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What Is One TO do


Yet more decisions on dads condition.

Well we found out what name of dad's leg blisters .. The called 'oedema / edema blisters' but as to causes could be from diabetes but he'a numbers have not changes OR could be he's heart issues.

We have to keep his feet raised and he cant ware out that could cause friction or secondarily infections.

Guess lucky thing is the blister are not infected BAD news is doctor cant give him out to clear water as toxic to kidney and might make he's condition worse.

Doctor told me the could prescribe a quarter but might push him other the edge.

Currently he's ok and i am more incline for him to keep them raised rather than give him quarter of pill that could push him over edge.

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Hi Jeff, I would be inclined to go with the doctor and you as pills can have stronger effect on older peoples health. Stick with the old tried and tested idea of legs up to lower water levels in the body plus rest reduces pressure on the heart. But one word of caution at the first sign of the blisters bursting or becoming infected ring the doctor.

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Hi Katie cheers doc's was talking about increasing he's cardiac output with ramiprill but when was in hospital had horrendous time with ramiprill.

I was thinking of vibration thing as I hear there good at increasing cardiac output.

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Hi again Jeff, sorry don't know much about them vibrator things, but worth a try I guess. I was adviced that massage helps circulation, so would think vibration would help too. You do think of everything for your father so best wishes with improving the cardiac output . My freind used to have tablets as her heart muscles did not work correctly due to a rare disease causing poor output.

All I can say is keep an eye on his legs for water seepage. This is when infection can occur as the skin stretches and breaks. Also, try and get him to keep his feet/ankles raised above the level of his hips to aid drainage. Good luck, poor chap. P

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Hi sassy cheers if only things was that simple as raising feet.

Me dad had hip done and cause of low mobility if he raises feet to high could pop his hip out.

Nothing is ever easy .. try and fix one and causes other problems.

I was thinking of getting him one of them feet peddle thing BUT he said was bad idea lol

Told him as fit bike dynomo to it and light bulb but he said prefer pill.

But he forgets about consequences and doc not wanting to upset balance of things

peege in reply to Hidden

I've often thought those foot vibration things would be good for anyone with mobility &/or circulation issues.

There does exist a little pedal machine you place on the floor & use from sitting in the chair but perhaps it would be too much for his coordination - unless he's got a good sense of humour!

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