I got copd i am only 35 years with 3 kids and a wonderfully hunsband to

I have copd i just found out that i have it i been a smoker since 14 years old. I just got out the hospital for 12 days and then went back to two er again with shorthness of breath swallowing throat my chest burns every day so i takeing streious so my lungs can open up good but they can't it was 100 now it 89% so i have to live like this for ever

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Hello Manning13 .

Welcome to the forum. I am sorry about your diagnosis. And although it is an awful shock, it is possible to have a good quality of life but it has to be worked for. I am sure you have given up the cigarettes and perhaps the hospital has also advised on proper diet and exercise. Pulmonary rehabilitation is very helpful. I must say 89% is a very good level. I am at 30% or so. I have a small airways disease. Please don't lose heart. You are still young and that is definitely on your side.

Hoping to hear more from you. Take good care.

Cas xx 🐞🍀🐞

Wow i been back and fouthy to er and i am tired of do that even with my kids around every day seeing me go through what i am going through my husband got ti miss work my family to i trying to stop stress but not working has i am talking to you my chest is burning bad and seeing blurring version that is not good my husband is at work

No that's not good at all. Did the hospital tell you the reason for your blurry vision? Do you have blood pressure issues by any chance? How old are your children? I'm sorry it's so hard.

No i don't but might do now girl i am scared

I know. I remember being scared too. Take it a day at a time. An issue at a time. When you see your doctor next bring a note of the issues you have and discuss them. The blurry vision needs to be looked into. Just remember you aren't alone. We are here and your family is too. It's natural to be afraid. Take it from me, it will get better and we learn how to cope.

Sending good vibes. xx


Hello. I'm new to this forum and I'm recently diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Like you, I'm scared. I'm sure everyone in here has been scared too, but everyone is here for everyone else and I find that reassuring. Big hug x

Ok i will

Hi hun I know it's difficult but if you are still smoking you need to stop try an e fag, you also need to be exercising as much as possible, walking two or three times a day plus eat a healthy diet, you feel start to feel better xx

No i am not smokeing i been stop

Ok that sounds like a plan

Hi there, I really hope you have stopped smoking, its hard times from what you say. Do you have any family or friends that could help you through this recovery? I think lots of us have gone through what you are now, but by changing your diet, getting lots of exercise.. ask about Pulmonary Rehabilitation...thats where you will get to meet others who are having problems breathing. The biggest thing is accepting you have COPD and coping the best way you can. See about the blurring eyes!! You will pick up again once the steroids kick in, just give yourself some time to recover from the infections.

Ok i will i been up all night crying can't see at all and my legs have a bad pain in i been crying

Hi manning13

Sorry to hear you are so unwell - I also found it really overwhelming when I was diagnosed first a couple of years ago - I have 2 young children. . Exercise and a good healthy diet really does help and the children will love exercising with you - be it a walk in the park while they cycle or scoot with you doing exercises with you etc - I know it seems too hard at first but just try a little each day to begin with - you've got to be strong n fight this thing for you and your precious family - good luck 👍🏻

Yes you right my legs are bothing me now don't know why but i am in tears bad and my chest hurts again


The bad news is that COPD is a progressive disease, so your breathing will get worst _over time_. I got my first diagnosis of emphysema when I was your age. I just celebrated my 70th birthday.

If you haven't done so yet, you MUST stop smoking, otherwise your condition will get worse, faster. Exercise - walking - will keep your lungs healthy. Try to stay away from people who have a cold: they are dangerous for you.

The good news is -- you can handle this! Stay with us, try to be positive, ask questions, demand answers and stay healthy.


Ok i will thank you very much

I know this must be a real shock for you, but you are young and can live a normal life with this disease for a long time. My husband has had COPD for over 17 years and is just now really seeing problems, and he's 67. I know you go through a grieving process when you are told you have this disease. You are frightened right now, and that's perfectly normal. But don't let it define you. You are still you, and you will feel better once the infection in your lungs is totally gone. There is so much you can do to slow the progression of the disease as others have told you. Stopping smoking, exercising, and a healthy diet are the keys to slowing it down. You can do this, for you and for your family. And I know it's quite normal, but stay off Google!! It will give you some information on the disease, but it will also scare you silly!! Hang in there, and come here to chat any time you need to. You will learn so much from everyone on this forum! Hugs to you!

Ok thank you very much friend can we stay in touch please i will like that please

Of course!! :-)

I just had a bad pain in my chest and blurring version is that good or bad

Honestly, I have no idea. Is it sharp and goes away or is it aching and stays. And when you have the blurring vision, is it when you are upset and maybe breathing too heavily (hyperventilating)? We aren't doctors here, and can't give you any medical advice. Try to just relax and breath normally. Hugs!

Ok i will try ok


Hi like everyone else I do understand how you feel with such a diagnosis. As you are so young ask your doctor for a simple blood test to see if you have the Alpha1 Deficiancy gene. It is rare so probably not but you need to get it checked out.

To put things into perspective for you the minimum lung function you can survive with is around 6% though in practise the teens are getting into dangerous terroritory. Your lung function of 89% is just shy of the variation of the norm at between 90-100% so you will almost certainly never live long enough to be at the severe stage.

My FEV1 is mid 70's and has been at that level since diagnosis 9 years ago. The only symptoms I get is some breathlessness especially climbing stairs or hills and worse chest infections. Your lung function is 15% higher than mine.

Just follow the advice you have been given and stay with us on here as we are the ones who live with lung disease.

Ok i will do that thank you very much friend

Hello I'm foxy79

So sorry to hear about your copd

I'm 36 years old I have copd respiratory type 2 asthma broncechtisis emphysema I'm on oxygen nebulizer and bipeb machine everyday have been since 2015 cause I'm young bright side is lung transplant worse is very hard cause I'm young but always belive in yourself your true solider who is fighting untold battles everyday please take your consultant advice follow the instructions and in no time you will be OK few things try and stop smoking or will make you more weaker copd is all how well you maintain it takes care foxy79

If you spend some of your free time reading some of the other posts here you will learn that almost everyone has gone through what you are currently going through, a natural response. With an fev1 of 89% and you are sensible to follow a few rules and a change your lifestyle then you may be able to to see your great grandchildren.

The "NEW" you should

Stop smoking (which you have done, well done for that).

Take your medicines as prescribed and at regular times.

Eat a healthy diet maintaining a healthy BMI (at the upper end of the scale).

Drink plenty of water.

Your secret weapon, exercise and more exercise, the more you do, the more you CAN do. When you start to get out of breath keep going and use what is called "pursed lip breathing" you can find instructional videos on YouTube for pursed lip breathing. Keep the pace of your exercising so that you are moderately out of breath. You will soon find that you can exercise for longer and harder.

Learn to be able to relax at will, getting anxious is very bad for breathing, if you get a panic attack you will need to be able to relax and slow down your breathing to regain control or you may end up hyperventilating. Stop worrying it will really make you ill.

You are a very, very lucky lady, you have found out at a very early stage, so early that you will only notice it if you get a chest infection.

I was diagnosed last year with an fev1 of 37% and could only walk 35 yards, but with regular hard exercising daily, my fev1 improved to 50% in March this year, I can now manage 5 miles, I still work full-time and I'm 66 years. You have so much going for you in your favour, you are young and half my age. Are you going to let an old man have the better of you? No, of course you are not. Are you going to let this rule your life? Again no you are not.

Take care and carry on posting.

Thank you

This is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story and lifting our spirits.

Ok thank you very much for that i will i walk but feel like i am out of breath quick

Is the 89% your Fev1 or your oxygen level?

Hey ppl i been doing ok but i can do better i been praying i was sick but i am ok now ppl ok just keeping in touch with everybody ok

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