Oxygen aboard? Any experience please?

Hi, new in writing; finding the posts very interesting.

I am on Oxygen therapy since February relating to my pulmonary fibrosis.

It'a a mix of Converter machines in the house, and canisters for going out.

When I went down for a long half term weekend with my Daughter's family in Surrey a different supplier to the east Midlands did an equally excellent job of making a delivery to her address.

I wonder if anyone has experience though of obtaining canisters in Northern France, specifically Normandy, where we have always holidayed? I have looked into renting a converter in the UK for travel abroad (expensive at @200/week). But the main question is searching for mobility i.e. using canisters and then obviously for a replacement supplier during the 2 weeks.

any help please? (and this is before Brexit!)


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First problem you can't take UK equipment abroad, second problem several airlines no longer do in flight oxygen ( check your airlines web site).

Although can be expensive hiring a portable may the better option for hassle free journey. Rembering you need sufficient battery power for the journey.

Thanks Stone.

Will be driving, probably ferry maybe Eurotunnel if ok with Oxygen.

The portables (?) I've used are heavy to get around with, more like portable from home to accommodation, or en route (e.g. Train).

So I will carry on and see if Cannisters are an option which is what I use outside the house.

Cheers, Grier

Stone's right and it may even be better to look at purchasing a portable concentrator if you intend going abroad regularly. Welcome to the forum.

Thanks mrsmummy,

I did look into purchase. One issue is getting both the Pulse and Continuous supply which I use at different times.

We may just have to wind down on our 2-3 European hols if we cannot fix this. Our Normandy holiday would be our 26th visit this Autumn! There is still a lot of GB for us to see so not the end of the world if we do our own version of Brexit, given my health circumstances. And also I need now with Pirfenidone to avoid bright sun and UV.

Appreciate the discussions on and info provided through the forum.


Good luck with it. :)

Hi my husband had a similar problem to you as we had a motorhome when he was told he had to use oxygen firstly night time only he was gutted.My son sent for a broucher for portable oxygenators,not cheap but gave him the freedom he wanted.We purchased a sequel eclipse with leads for the continent it can be used in a car plugged into the cigarette lighter,a battery last about 2hrs.Cost of the eclipse cost £3500.00 including a trolley and a bag to protect in travel.The pulse flow can be adjusted to suit.I have this machine for sale for £1000.00.

Thanks Sylvia.

We have decided it is too much hassle and risk not to have a French based Oxygen supplier, and so have cancelled the french 'vacances', having previously cancelled Italy at Easter.

Thank you both for the info and the offer though.

We are very happy with the NHS Oxygen service on a holiday basis when travelling in the UK across Trust regions, .

I am now on it 24/7, but restricted mobility and flexibility are frustrations I do admit. It does help me though enormously with movement in the house and gym exercise. I have both a converter machine and portable (?) canisters.


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