Pain in the ribs

Hi I wonder if any of you have suffered with pain in the ribs that moves. I get it at the bottom of my ribs mostly the left side, then it can move to the middle of my ribs right side and top of my chest just under my collar bone. My GP says it's muscle strain but I've had this for months and months and I've not been coughing ? It hurts when your move quickly. It can go around to my spine or over to the right side. It can be stabbing pain or nagging pain. I'm so tired and no motivation think the Dr thinks I'm a whinger but I am working full time and doing as much as I can. Anyone else have any ideas ? Many thanks x

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  • Make a formal complaint against your doctor then find another 1 . I did against mine when I disagreed with her she said to me if you don't like it find another surgery,I responded with do you enjoy your job she no i said find another 1 then ?

  • Probably some form of trapped gasses. Mine is

  • If you think your doc is wrong try bending from one side and then the other slowly a few times as it might be a trap nerv as i ge t them a lot

  • Hi David ty for your reply it is fine when I bend to the left. I can feel a pull on the right but it's painful when bending to the right ? Hope you are ok x

  • Yes but i have had it since birth it soundz like nervs which gos in and out but ask him for theripy

  • apparently its common for people with copd to have rib cramps, l have had it for a while now but the doc's can't seem to come up with anything to help. l just rub the area till the pains go like l would with any cramp. not very nice and can be embarrassing at times. :)

  • I saw an osteopath who showed me how to do diaphragm stretches and how to massage the sore muscles. I found it very helpful. If you think of trying an osteopath, make sure that they are registered.

  • Joobie -I think the discomfort you are describing is quite common with people with lung conditions? I suffer from it all the time (I have asbestosis which is a fibrotic condition) I generally take paracetamol as and when required and the pain is generally cause by pulled muscles in my chest but the level of discomfort can vary from an ache to stabbing pains in similar areas which you have described.

    Having said that if you have concerns with your doctor please go for a second opinion.

    A lot of people just respond to doctors questions and they are only diagnosing from your response. Are they asking the right questions ? it's up to the patient to give the doctor as much info as possible and not just answer their question!!!

    Hope you get issues resolved soon

    Take Care


  • I am relieved at last to know there are other people out there with these symptoms. I have emphysema and suffer with the same pains..... bottom of left rib cage..then moves around etc., I have had only one decent explanation from a doctor who explained that there are many muscles between the ribs to help support them ,if these are not exercised then they become weak .... and the rest is history..... it is a subject though that is not discussed very often . I am interested to view the replies.

  • About 15 years ago I was in absolute agony, could barely move, had same symptoms, burning pain that travelled from rib cage one side to the other, then up to top of rib cage, one side to the other, I struggled to get out of bed, pain killers just didn't touch it! Went to see GP who immediately said, you have Devil's Grip, said it was a virus there was nothing he could do it would wear off in time! It did after about 2 months of suffering and weeks off work, it was the most painful thing I have ever suffered! Google Devil's Grip and you will get all the information you need, it also has other names! I did not have Copd back then, I had been through stressful period so thought that may have caused it! Hope this is helpful!

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