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Hi I'm wondering has anyone adjusted there oxygen. This morning. My sats where 64 heart rate 159. At 7 am. Stayed in bed till 1. When I got out of bed they where the same and have been on the low side all day 79 82 and high heart rate. Frank put my oxygen up a notch still. Didn't get above. 88. After 30 minutes put it down now reading 85/120. When am I going to be sorted tomorrow the hospice Wednesday P R. Will have to see how I go I told the matron last week when my heart rate 160 she wasn't concerned.

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Why don't you give the helpline a ring tomorrow and speak to one of the specialist nurses at the BLF? 03000 030 555

Thank you

Adjusting your own oxygen is frowned upon because too much as as dangerous as too little. Having said that, if you were in hospital the first thing they would do would be to up your oxygen flow, as would a paramedic. If you are worried Margaret why not dial 111 and see what they have to say? I was told that anything below 84 for a length of time damages the heart.

PS I have to ask - is your matron a respiratory nurse or just a community nurse? If she has no respiratory training then, with all due respect, I wouldn't listen too closely to her advice. x

To be honest I don't know that's what I thought about putting oxygen up when I was at the hospice last week my sats dropped and they put it up for a little bit while I recovered to day not been a good day at all. If at all possible I would like to go to hospice. And speak to there nurse practitioner Unsure what to do about PR. On Wednesday see what the day brings X

Hi I'm foxy79

this is a messenge to everyone incu maggiewhiteley. And Toci and who else was saying about antibiotics wasn't working it's been 2weeks first about oxygen it's been so hot and oxygen is something can't be acurate goes up and down I used more then enough but it's to hot to use concenrntrator and my flow drops I go up to 15 liters for few min come down cause of all this up and down and high use my oxygen need is gone up and I don't know what to do or how to tell my nurse or specialist but has to be done it's my need and I will get one or the other way ! Next about chest infection not working cause of our abiltey of lungs repairing is dyein day by day and I have put the dose up to 7.50mg times twice it's your body as well if you need any advise

Please please please try and go to PR. I honestly believe it could help you a lot.

Also agree with others you shouldn't increase oxygen without medical advice. They may have increased at the hospice or increase at hospitals but the point is that there ARE medical staff around if there is a problem! At very least dial 111 to discuss with them.

Whilst not quite as high as you my heart rate is very high. Often around 115 - 120 at rest. I noticed during PR course that my heart rate started to lower before each class.

Have also read on here about some people being able to reduce their oxygen by increasing their physical activity. PR gives you that opportunity whilst having trained staff with you the whole time to ensure you are safe.

I will do my best to go to PR but heart rate of 159 frightening. My heart rate is never below 120 at rest so it ts very worrying I'm unsure if they will let me do PR with these readings But will find out if I go

I hope you manage the hospice and PR this week. Your post is sounding a bit more positive. I don't know anything about oxygen, but I have a night heart rate, but never as high as yours. It's 110 at the moment. My gp is a little concerned but needs to get all my other problems sorted.

Get checked out for pneumonia, my wife was having similar issues with her sats and heart, DAIRS, community matron, paramedics and a Dr. failed to recognise it, she was admitted to hospital the following day after her sats dropped to 44. An x Ray showed pneumonia on both lungs. That was 8 days ago, they want her to stay until next Monday. Two weeks of hospital due to a lack of knowledge on the part of the health care professionals we rely on. Stay lucky and get checked out.

Thank you I'm waiting for results of a sputum test from last Tuesday something similar happened to me about 6 weeks ago and I ended up in hospital on a drip I hope your wife is doing ok

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