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Hi I have had copd since at least the year 2000 I am still working at the moment but I know I am getting really bad I go for reviews every year at gps I have never been told how bad it is or what percentage my lung capacity is I am now being checked by the doctor at work who keeps saying it's a bit worse than the year before I went for my review at gps recently and was told they have stopped the blow test they changed my inhaler and that was it can anyone tell me if they have had the blow test stopped i know I'm getting worse coughing all the time now getting out of breath quickly don't seem to be getting anywhere at gps

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Make an appointment with your GP or practise nurse for a spirometer test this will give you lung function percentage .

What checks does your work doctor do to provide you this information in regards to if it's getting worse seems strange your employer doc checks this out rather than your own GP hope you get sorted xx

By blow test do you mean , the spirometer test ?

Works doctor did a spirometer test about a month before that was at my yearly review at my nurse run clinic and she said that they had stopped doing the test but was changing my inhaler from Spiriva to Incruse ellipta I think that's what the problem is

Hello Haws. If you feel that the new inhaler isn't suiting you, ask your doctor to change it back to Spiriva. Good luck and I hope that you're feeling a bit better soon. XXX

Thanks for the reply going to try and get a appointment tomorrow

Hi if you want to know your results ask them. Some people don't bother with the numbers but they will tell you if you ask and explain them.

Explore all options before giving up your job!

Once you stop working it will be so difficult to go back to work a) You will have trouble getting another job. b) Your body will de-condition after just 2 weeks, unless you keep up exercising instead.

I still work too, but fortunately I am self employed, I cannot be sacked, I could have retired, being 66, but so glad that I did not. It has helped enormously to keep my life on an even keel, without too many changes from the norm as well as keeping me active. I have severe COPD (Emphysema only).

Don't intend to give up work but have to be wary of companies doctor

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