Lung transplant!

It's been a while again since my last post. Health update is as follows oxygen while awake, I'm going to try O-fev, pulmonary rehab, and lose weight. I have begun the evaluation process for a lung transplant I think my biggest obstacle will be the weight loss. I've struggled with obesity my entire life currently weigh in at 198.8 pounds. I need to be under 169. I have been stable for 15 years now with my weight as I quit dieting 16 years ago. I yoyo'd so much I drop 20 gain 40 now I need to get it off and keep it off. Complying with the very stringent rules for a possibility of a lung I may never get or that I may get and reject..scary. Fear has kept me from doing many things in my life. Really all I have to lose is weight...flip side continue on as is and hope for a future that one illness can take away. I hope everyone is doing pleasingly awesome! Right now its 9:50 am central time, raining a nice spring rain, and its Friday. Everyone have a great weekend!

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  • Good luck with everything you do to help you on your way it's hard but one day at a time will set you right xx there's also a DVD that you can but from here with PR exercises on it mrsmummy has the link and it's good I have one worth a try

  • Hi there is a very good weight loss site on here and they will be able to give you lots of help to lose weight.

  • Lose haz much you like no fry stuff no oils at all eat greens 3 pot only with meal meat when cooking no oil no salt just a little pepper black then only 2 slices chicken breast pranws as much yoh like if you like eggs cook same way but no oil no chips but you ca n make chips in the oven from freash but no oil just cut and put in oven as they will cook with there own juise but only a small portion like a childs dinner no suger or sweet stuff you can do exeriz in the house on the stairs .

    Good luck

  • Wishing you the best best of luck. I hope that you achieve your goals and find peace of mind. XXX

  • dude i was in the same boat in the end it got to loose wgt or loose life thats a no brainer i lost 10 stone not easy as u well know i found that every 3 weeks for a two or three day s id go eat what i normaly eat it worked cuz body goes into starve mode that stops it also 2 pints of water with meal make u feel full no wgt gain if you need to know about transplant just ask ill answer all what i will say is its not the scary monster you think it is

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