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Do any of you use patient transport? I've just booked transport to hospital and once again they said I wasn't eligible. They asked how I got to the doctors. I said taxi there is no other way. They said I wasn't eligible because I can use a taxi. They send a car for me which is pretty much the same a taxi. After some discussion they relented. This seems unfair and is quite stressful. I thought that West Sussex might improve with the new provider but it seems worse.

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  • I have hospital transport our health authority is very good where that is concerned.xx

  • You need to get your doctor to understand.

    Most are quite happy ticking boxes not getting involved.

    So its down to you to tell them how it is the more you give the more they take

  • I've had passenger transport 3 times but I'm not automatically entitled.

    1. Eye consultant arranged it because my eyes were bad and he couldn't rebook to the 'more local' hospital of the split location.

    2 and 3 Lung nurse arranged it due to having sedative / general anaestetic.

    Half the time they use taxis for the passenger transport.

  • Hi petermeachem, it is usual for your GP (if he has referred you) or the person who has made your appointment (at a clinic or consultant appointment) to book transport for you. The NHS are naturally resistant to supplying transport to everyone who asks, even though your request is a genuine one I suspect many are not. When the appointment is made ask for transport to be arranged for you.

  • I've been taken to hospital and back by patient transport for two years. Transport is booked no more than two days in advance, it's up to the patient to arrange it.

  • It works similarly in most areas but the person making the appointment alerts transport initially and then the patient takes responsibility for contacting transport two days prior to the appointment and checking the booking is in place (though some hospitals contact the patient to confirm). If this can be put in place for you it will remove all the arguing and pushing that you are having to do. :)

  • What a cheek; however, i only know what its like in London. I know someone whom uses Hospital Transport often; but each time they are asked a set of questions. But still, they get their transport. I never heard any rubbish talk about a taxi though.

  • Indeed. If they only transported people in ambulances it would make sense, but they don't so it doesn't.

  • Oh my goodness, only one ago you were having similar issues with transport! I was hopeful for you as you'd explained there's been a change of company's, but it seems this isn't the case. I can't understand why its such a "problem" for whichever company is running the hospital transport- why oh why,is something simple made into such a palaver? It makes me so mad. You've done well keeping your cool. Is there nobody of any managerial status that is half sensible....... or do we have to call for re- enforcements? Seriously though,this must be ironed out,else each time you are going to dread booking that taxi to your appointment.

    Do keep us informed on your progress(my fingers are crossed!!).

  • Change of company means nothing ... same drivers and same pen pushers lol x

  • I always get a taxi to my local hospital appointments but now have to make a weekly visit to a hospital further afield which would cost more than I can afford. When I asked about hospital transport I was told that I had to arrange it myself. Cant do that until 14 days before when I will be assessed. Asked f I could be referred by my GP and was told no.

  • I've been to the Brompton a a couple of times. I couldn't go by train, far too much walking involved. They said That's fine, we'll send a car. It was still a difficult trip.

  • I use hospital transport, it's done by Arriva in this area. I ring about a week before and tell them when I want it for.I also have to tell them I am in a wheelchair and on oxygen so they send a small minibus like thing. I stay in my wheelchair and when we get to the hospital they take me to the clinic I am attending. When my appointment is finished the clinic reception ring them and I am taken home. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Speak to your GP and also your hospital doctor and tell them financially you struggle to pay for these and it is hard getting in and out of them too .... my partner is a patient transport driver and trust me there is a lot of abuse with it but if you need it you need it so get going with the GP and doctor x

  • Hi Petermeacham, patient transport seems to have become a very hit or miss thing these days in many areas of the country. I would say chase up what the latest rules say. Even the staff seem unsure as to who is allowed this facility and how to get it. I know in general if you have a mobility car or higher rate mobility allowance you are usually refused otherwise I beleive the main criteria is one of not being able to use public transport for what ever reason. Sadly it is one of those grey areas that exist these days I would personally like to know what the current criteria is myself, but if you ask it becomes more confusing. Good luck with trying to get this service.

  • All cost cutting I'm afraid , here in Kent no different, Patient transport is so uncomfortable, I dread the thought of using it , Staff are nice though , not their fault the NHS is obliged to go with cheapest contender

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