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New to this site been looking at posts since September last year .Not new to copd as my husband has had copd\emphaseyma/pulmonary fibrosis since 2013 he was managing his condition until last year and then in December was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension we felt like the rug was pulled from under us and as a result I became his carer what we have both learnt and find hard to cope with is the unpredictability of condition we both struggle at times he's struggling with diagnoses and I'm trying to hold down a job at times we both feel weve just been left on our own sorry for the moan but sometimes we both feel desperate just needed to rant !!!

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Welcome Pammic, it's really hard to see someone you love struggling and l do understand how you feel too.

I have been carer for hubby Pete for 12 years (sarcoidosis, COPD, ILD, osteoporosis) and we do both struggle at times. This site has been my saviour because l know l'm not alone.

There is help for carers in most areas but l don't feel ready for that yet. You have done the right things by posting and hope to chat some more soon.

Hi Sassy thanks for your reply yes seeing Mick fighting to breathe is the hardest , and I can't imagine what it must be like for him. He's had a few months of feeling OK but at the moment he's not good doctor been today and now he's on water tablets just seems overwhelming I'm glad I posted and that I have people that know what its like to chat to.

I do feel for you and your husband Pammic.

We all care on HU. Xxx

Hi Pammic welcome, it is really hard when someone you love is ill But you are in the right place here, there is plenty of help, understanding and friendship. Hope you are both ok, take care 😊 xx Bernadette

Thank you

Keep in touch with this site lots of advice and crucially moral support I don't know where I would be now without the support I get on here best wishes

Thank you

Good Morning & welcome Pammic. You've taken the first step, there's lots of knowledge & support here. Don't worry about 'moaning' we all need to.vent sometimes. It's a tough road. Best wishes Nan

Thank you

I think you're entitled to a moan with all those things going on. You've certainly found the right place to come to for moral support - and to pick a few brains if you're in need of information. (Not that mines much use, I'm still finding things out).

Thank you

Hi Pammic and welcome. It's so hard being a carer, the feeling of helplessness are soul destroying.

You'll get plenty of support on here and somewhere to let off steam. If things get too difficult for you to manage alone, you need to seek help sooner, rather than later because you need to be able to look after yourself in order to care for your husband.

Come on here, when you need to talk, there's always someone around to chat to. xx

Thank you

I know it is not easy but try to have some free time for yourself just to relax. Is there a Day Centre he can go just to see if he would like to go if only for 1 day a week? Not easy caring for someone as i did it for my mum for many years but not well myself so was not working. sit down & have a talk to discuss your feelings see if you can cut your hours at work & be entitled to extra money from Government. God Bless you Both.

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