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Hi, I have just been to Wythenshaw Hospital for Assessment tests for a Lung Transplant. I will know next week if its a Yes or No. Can anyone advise me if they have had a transplant and if life IS better for them. I have Severe Emphysema and I am not well at all, I want to go for it if they say Yes, but its big decision. Can anyone thats been through this advise please. Thank You. Sandie

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Hello and a warm welcome to you ross-35_ and although I can't personally help you regarding transplants,someone will come along soon who will be able to give you first hand knowledge etc.

Have you tried using the search facility and look up "transplants"? You probably have but I just thought I'd mention it.

Looking forward to getting to know you. Have a good weekend.

Sorry the system blipped and my second post disappeared into thin air !! Go to top screen and under "more" choose "search" and put in "lung transplants" and you will be amazed how many previous posts have been made on this subject.

Good luck!

hi welcome i had tplant 11 03 16 if there is anything you need to know plz ask i had to face it without anyone to ask only nhs staff so just ping me and i will answer all

Hi there, Thank you for your response. The assessment went ok, and i will know on Friday if its Yes or No, like you I am living alone i have 2 sons but they are to close to judge. I know it will be a time before i can recover from op, how did it go for you? Did you need a lot of help when you got home? Were you VERY weak? I have a mind that is very positive and i think that will get me through? Do you think it helps? Sorry to give you these but any info you think i may need would be so welcomed. Thank You... Sandie

sry i dont live alone i mean i had no one to ask about tplant sry to give wrong idear first of all yes you are weak but training now will help no end yes a good mind helps im the same i was given 4 months to live at xmass 2015 it took 25 ltr a min to get from bed to trolly for tplant i only spent 2 days in itu then i went to wards doc were stunned at my recovery first day i showerd on my own before my wife got there and spent 10 mins after having a good cry cus i could shower on my own in sure you will be the same its a strong mind thing anything u need to know ask

Thank you so much, how inspirational, and it shows me that it may not take weeks!! I can relate to you and the shower situation... everything is so hard and difficult but perseverance hopefully will help me in the long run. Once again many thanks

it will take weeks to fully recover even months but little thing change every day you get stronger every day first 2 months you will feel pants fight it tthen one day you wake you want to run jump etc beleave me its worth it i now walk 2 to 4 mile a day with me dog run on treadmill weights ebike me dog has lost 8 kg you will do a lot of crying doing thing you aint done for years . oh when you first wake loads of drugs goin into you you will see thing that are not there i found this fun it just a combo of stuff you are on it passes main thing is dont be scared its not a monster its not that bad and so worth it

How wonderful, I am so pleased for you, thank you for sharing this with me, it means a lot.

I would love to to ask you about your experience and thank you for allowing me to get into the group I am from the United States and this is the site that came out for me so thank you

Hi Betsyrose, There has been no change, I am just waiting for the transplant, patience is needed, but i do wish it would be quicker. How are you doing?

I've had a bad couple of day's I'm in the 4th stage of my disease and I'm sick today had to go to two different doctors and tomorrow I have to go get an x-ray and Spitz best month my lung specialist doesn't want to put me on any antibiotics if necessary in case I need them for later now it looks like 2018 before I can go and check on the lung transplant doctors which kind of bums me out cuz I can't sleep at night cuz I'm creeping myself out and I need shots in my stomach for allergies 3 times a week two different shots but they want $2,000 to do it I just can't afford it plus all the allergy medicine I take now and all my inhalers and my 18 other medicines I take so what's a girl to do I guess it is what it is love you all hope you're all doing well betsyrose

Been feeling very depressed here lately I no I can't control things that haven't even happened yet but I still think about it I better just live my life to the fullest while I can still get out of the house I feel like I'm going downhill

Betsy rose

Betsy Rose,

Its not easy for any of us, but how you think and react makes all the difference. I can't do much now but make the most of what i can do! Seldom go out, but use on line clubs friends, quiz etc to keep going. I live on my own, which is hard but just be patient when your time comes you need to be ready in your head as well ..hope this makes sense.

Thanks I ve just been having a few bad days

Hiya I have just got back in from a Hospice thats supports me using the gym!! Sorry to have missed you. I hope the bad days stay aaway..we all have them..x

Fingers crossed you get that YES x

Thank you so much

It took me 3 years to make my mind up

I am a member of a transplant support group that may help you if you would like it just let me know.

I am 63 so don't think i will have time hehe. Its a hard one to think about, but i just think if i get offered the chance i may as well take it. Thanks for your answer.

I'm scared but but there's no others options at this moment I wish they could find a cure for all of us

I would love it mandy 6513

Hi I hope you receive good news next week. I am due my initial consultation with the transplant team on Friday

Good luck to you let me know no how it goes please Ron 62 are you in the UK or US

Thanks Betsy rose

Hi Betsy Rose, I am In the uk

Thanks I am trying to learn some of your alls wording lol thank you Ron 62

I wish you all the best! Let me know how it goes. I am still waiting but on the list!! Good Luck

Well atleast you are on the list that's a plus good luck to you let me know how that goes please thanks Betsy Rose


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