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Hi all I'm still in hospital admitted Sunday blue light job. I need some help from fellow followers of this page please. I was admitted because of a chest infection that started 22nd Feb and clears for a couple of days and back it comes. I'm now on my 6th lot of antibiotics sterods etc. The problem is my blood pressure the hospital takes it and it shows very low, they give me a drink and up it goes, they tick the chart blood pressure ok. I asked why and I'd like to know because just giving me a drink and up it goes so you can tick the chart ok when it isn't. Can't get a definite answer. I've looked on the NHS but I don't seem to fall into the low blood pressure criteria. Any advice would be helpful.

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Hi, Jummie. I had this once and the nurse told me that I was slightly dehydrated, which made my blood pressure reading low. It came up once I had a drink of water.

Thanks for the tip, toci, I have low blood pressure which can be a pain at times, I will drink more water...I know I don't at the moment.

I was in similar situation and after having umpteen chest infections that seemed to last weeks I insisted on investigation.

Just having meds isn't always whet it needs x

Hope you are on the mend x

Sending you my best wishes, Jummie, I hope you get rid of that infection soon .

Hope you are soon on the mend Jummie. Good wishes to you. Xxxx

Sorry to hear this Jummie . I can't help you with the blood pressure issue but I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care. ๐Ÿ€๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ€๐ŸŒฟ

Good Morning Jimmie. Good to see your post but sorry you are having problems, hope you will soon be home. Medical problems are such a mystery at times. Very best wishes, Bulpit

Hi Jummie, sorry your not well hope you begin to feel better soon. That's a good tip about the blood pressure, would seem that more water helps.

Thank you all for your support on here. I came home yesterday evening. I was a bit panicky about it, what if I struggled breathing etc. Had a good nights sleep, lovely to be in your own bed without all the hospital noise. Done my breathing exercises, feeling much better.

Tomorrow start climbing that hill (not literally) bit by bit to get to where I was before this set back.

Thank you all for your support and helpful tips.

Lovely to see you have now arrived home. x

So glad you're home now and feeling better Jummie x

I have had a bad cough for five months and the doctors still have not found what is the cause i suffer from chest infections. I have post nasal drip and on a brown and blue inhaler and nasal spray. If anybody has been going through similar symptoms please let me know how to get better. Even suffered with the SOB. I sympathize with anybody who has breathing problems, chest infections etc

Go back to your doctors. Ask to see one that deals in chest/lung problems, if they have someone that is.

When you see the doctor say you have been suffering for 5 months with cough and chest infections. Can he help,if not can you be put forward to see someone at the hospital that are specialist in this field and can help you with these problems. Be firm and if possible take a family member or friend with you. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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