Is anyone else awake? I'm lying here in terrible pain even though I've taken my full quota of strong prescription painkillers. I know I should probably go to A&E but can't face the thought of sitting there in all this pain. Can't wait until the clinic opens and I can get some help. They suspect that I have pseudomonas and I've been given the appropriate treatment but I'm in so much pain and nothing relieves it.

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Hi, im awake. I think you should go and get checked out or at least give them a call. Best be on the safe side. Hope you're ok ? xx

I am awake too, wheezing and coughing.

I just hope you have had some relief from the pain, or managed to get help by now.

Hello knitter . I'm sorry you aren't so well. I hope the weather warms up and you feel better very soon. xx

Ihave had pleurisy a couple of times, very painful, I remember I could not lie down, so sat as still as I could in a chair all night. The right antibiotics should give some relief soon. Plenty of fluids might help. Wish you well. Iris x

Hope you have got some relief from the pain I feel for you I have had to phone the doctor last night because the oramorph and coedine doing nothing for my pain she gave me a weeks supply of tramadol never came out it helped the pain taken with oramorph but spaced me out hope something is done got you take care

Hope you have the help you need by now and not in so much pain. Lilian xxx

Hello Weeeileen . I am so, so sorry you are in so much pain. I see your post was put up eight hours ago and I am wondering how you are now. Did you end up going to A and E ? I like Lyd12 had pleurisy and will never forget the unimaginable pain. Please do let us know how you are. Thinking of you. xx 🌻

Hello Weeeileen . Hope you're feeling a bit better now. (((Hugs))) M.

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