PIP and Bronchiectasis

Hi There, i'm relatively new on this page so I'm looking for some information if possible. I have Bronchiectasis and was diagnosed several years ago. Since January I have had 7 infections and I feel my condition is getting worse. I attend my consultant every 6 months and not due to visit again till June. I was advised by my support worker to apply for PIP but also think i need to change my work situation as work in retail my dept is very hot and stuffy which makes me breathless and tired.Also my joints(especially fingers) are stiff but blood tests didn't show anything. I'm not too sure what I should do going forward,do I ask my consultant for my notes to take to my assessment, do i reduce my hours? Do i ask for different medication? thank you!

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Hi, I would ask your consultant for a letter if possible and also ask for a review of your medication. Let us know how you get on.Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

Thanks Bernadette, good idea! x

do your company use OHS? it might be worth a chat with them. :)

Yeah I'm going into work on Wednesday for a meeting but unsure of what to ask for/expect x

I'm allowed extra breaks when I need fresh air, have a humidifier and have restricted hour(at the moment) which means I don't work after pm. Might be worth thinking about what may help you. oh and I have clean area and keep away from folks with colds.

Thanks for the reply. I work for a large supermarket so unfortunately deal with customers etc with colds and coughs x

lots of anti bac. The doc says it's not people coughing etc. it's what they touch that has the germs. anti bac your hands x

Thank you! X

If you speak to your employers I wonder whether they can do anything about your environment to help you? Also as you mentioned if you can afford it a reduction in hours might be helpful?

Hopefully Knicho! Not too sure if I could afford drop in hours but i'll need to investigate that with Welfare rights x

You can still work if you claim PIP. PIP is there to help you with the extra expenses that disability brings. Depending on how things go with your present employer a situation may come where you need to claim ESA so keep any medical letters, results etc. This will help you in the future. Start keeping a diary of how your condition affects you. Not just at work but in your home situation. Make a note of anything that makes you Short of breath or tired for example do you get tired bending up or down? What affects your breathing, is it heat cold or damp etc. Note how far you can walk on a bad day. How many stairs you can go up etc without being short of breath. Note difficulty with appetite. Look at the points descriptors on the UK/GOV site and see what you can claim points for. Disability rights give good advice and help but the more detail you can give them the better.

Thanks for the great advice. X

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