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I use patient transport for hospital appointments. For the past year I have endured a company who were completely unre!iable. Someone else has taken over now. I rang them this morning and was told I wasn't eligible, when I am obviously less mobile now than I was. They asked if I could travel in a taxi, I said yes as patient transport is either a taxi or taxi like vehicle, I don't need an ambulance. I made a fuss, turns out pah gets a tick so I can use transport. I had such high hopes after the first company stopped doing it but this lot seem worse. They get an awful lot of money to run the service but seem to want to cut down the number of patients. Let's see what happens tomorrow and whether they pick me up on time and collect me from the hospital. Using the first was stressful, I was hoping for better.

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  • It doesn't sound very good Peter but l hope all goes well for you tomorrow and the transport dyes turn up on time. Let us know how it all goes. Xxxx

  • Good luck for your appointment today, Peter. Do let us know if the car came to collect you in time.

  • They arrived very early at 8.30 but I had my walk test before nine and was picked up quickly. Also I walked further, 350m, it was 300m last time and had a chat with a guy who owns a jeep. Really nice morning.

  • Great news, Peter! Glad it went well, you must be made up.

  • I am really chuffed.

  • Hope all goes well Peter

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