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Well, after a very bad 8 months with 3 bad chest infections, things are finally on the up. I had my breathing test yesterday and it is better than last year! I only have bronchiectasis which, compared to some of you, is mild but I do struggle with infections.

I do have to add, I have the loveliest practise nurse who supports me all the way. I have kept my Symbicort inhaler without fuss and my pharmacy give me meds at the drop of a hat. I rarely see the GP as my nurse manages me better. I guess I am one of the luckier ones......x

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That's great news. My nurse is brilliant too, we're the lucky ones aren't we x

We certainly are x

Hi Hetty11 it really nice to hear good things, l am so happy for you, it's made a tear roll down my cheek, good luck 🍀 x

Awww that's really sweet. Hope its nice tears. Thank you x

Tears 💧💧of joy for you 👍x

It's good to hear of your improved lung function. All Lung diseases, are life altering, so it's nice to hear when anyone has improvement, regardless of diagnosis. Long may your luck continue. xx

Many thanks xx

It's always lovely to hear good news! How great that you are so much better than last year and you have got past a rotten 8 months. Long may you remain infection free. If you don't do postural drainage, it may be worth you looking into as it will help to keep your lungs free of the muck that causes the problems. There is information about it on this site and also on youtube. All the best. xx Moy

Thank you Moy, I was taught pos. drainage about 10 years ago. I don't need it between infections as I am quite clear. However I prob got out of the habit when I get an infection. I do walk a lot. I have 5 show Labradors and my Husband does the morning walks and I do the evening walks so I am walking at least an hour a day. I strongly believe this helps my breathing and my nurse agrees. I did struggle to walk during the last infection, I was breathless for weeks but on the up now! x

I'm glad things are improving for you! xx Moy

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