I need a kick up the bum!

Forgive me for the title of my post - but that's how I feel!

I am physically much better now than I have been for the past two years but I cannot motivate myself to do much, except go on the computer.

I got a bit fired up to have a go at my watercolours at the weekend, but was so disappointed with the result that I don't want to try again anytime soon.

I got some wool to knit a little baby cardigan to get me back in the groove but have knitted it and now can't be bothered to stitch it up!

I have loads of fabric waiting to be sewn into something, but I can't think what to sew.

I keep trying to remember what I filled my time with before I became so run down with asthma, COPD and bronchiectasis exacerbations but I just don't know how to fill my time.

I wake up with great intentions but get breathless when I start doing stuff and then I think, 'Why bother!'

Yes, I need a kick up the bum - who wants to be first in line?

xx Moy

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  • I feel the same ill kick yours if you'll kick mine x

  • Lol! Get your boots on and I'll get mine (if only I can get myself moving!!)

  • Let's do it i cant concentrate either since having a meltdown this week so hard to get motivated but we both will again I'm sure I'm into crafting but just can't get going at the moment👍😀x

  • Same here

  • It's horrible isn't it? When I'm in bed I have such plans, a list of things to do. If we get breathless we don't have the energy to sustain anything much at all. You're not alone and you need a gentle hug not a kick up anywhere.

    Tomorrow pick one thing you'd like to do. Do it and then be pleased and proud that you have! Small steps. Sue x

  • Oh yes! I can move mountains in my head every morning then I get up and it all goes to pot. I will go shopping tomorrow (essential) and am lucky to be going out later for a meal with friends, so I'll just pick on the baby cardi to stitch up. I'll let you know if I achieve it! Thanks for your post, Sue. x Moy

  • Don't want to kick you MoyB but it must be so frustrating to set your mind to something and then not feel like bothering. It's understandable when you get breathless but what's my excuse? Total lack of motivation. You can kick me if you like.

    Good luck to you. Xxxx

  • I always said I couldn't understand people who said they were bored as I always had some kind of project on the go. My get up and go has now got up and gone and boredom is hovering on a daily basis. I think I've learned to manage without the pressure, but it's not as much fun. Writing here is helping me to see what's going on. Thank you for your post! I won't kick you - just send you positive vibes!

  • Same to you MoyB. Wishing you well. Xxxx

  • This is a kick-free zone Moy B. As Sue says, gentle hugs and being kind to yourself, is the way to go.

    :) :)

  • Thank you!

  • Totally understand where you coming from if you get some get up and go please share with me xx

  • Will do!

  • Me too. The frustration is aweful. I agree with previous posts, be kind to yourself and start with small achievable fun goals. Good luck friend I'm sure you'll find your muse

    Love Kelda

  • Thanks Kelda will keep looking for it xx

  • I would give you a swift boot but I'm only a size 2 so won't do much I'm afraid lol just smile and think of the finished product...painting is a talent that you should not give up on my lovley and get on with things in your own time baby steps lead to bigger things lol xxx

  • I feel exactly the same and I only have breathlessness on exertion but, it's my Fibro that is causing most of my lethargy and it's getting me down. I'm getting nothing done at all.

    I have started pushing myself to walk the dog and I come back after only 20 minutes and I come home huffing, puffing and drained. I wish they'd invent an energy pill, haha. xx

  • Wouldn't that be wonderful I'm that breathless latley xx

  • I would love to be able to knit I have 2 granddaughters aged 3 and 1 and you can't buy cardigans with the quality of home knitting, I do know the feeling of I can't be bothered it goes hand in hand with this cruel illness. Before I lost both of my dogs I would have to go out every day to walk them they gave me a reason to get up now I go swimming and I have met some really nice people and we meet up for coffee.

    We have local craft shops around hear and on a Tuesday they do craft classes

  • Know the feeling well Moy. I've still got my own private pity party going on, gatecrashers welcome......Like you say it's lovely to think of all the things you intend to do tomorrow, until you run out of breath, which doesn't take much. Good luck we must bother or we are sunk!!! Xx

  • You are absolutely right. Bother or be sunk!

  • You sound as though you are finding plenty to keep you busy! One of the things that has stopped me in my tracks is I no longer drive as I get sudden attacks of vertigo. It's also put me off using the bus on my own. Therefore, I've become dependent on my husband to take me places and, although he doesn't seem to mind, I don't like calling on him to be my taxi man all the time. I get lifts with other people when I can. So many things I might like to do have an undetermined end time. That means having him hanging on the phone waiting for me to call for my lift back, or leaving at the time I tell him and sometimes leaving early or other times hanging around waiting for him. There's no easy answer. I realise that this is also having an effect on my motivation to do things.

    I'm a bit unsure about swimming - haven't been in the water for a few years now. The vertigo does worry me as I think losing my balance could be quite tricky around the pool side. Perhaps I'm just making excuses.

    I'd really like to get myself back to doing a few things. I feel I could do all sorts when I'm just sitting down quietly, but then I get up to make the effort and it all goes to pot again. Sorry, I'm having a whinge!

  • MoyB I am the same way too.Add to that a whole pile of feeling guilty about it all and , of course, the wasted days. Arthritis pain is constant too. PollyX

  • I can so identify with what you say about wasted days and guilt! xx Moy

  • Hello MoyB

    Love your subject , can identify , have had five weeks off work with chest infection, 4 x antibios and 3x steroids, so many jobs to catch up on , no motivation , exhausted , also a 6 month pup in the house , am on long term sick now according to my manager, and Occy health say am not fit to work , just st want to rest all the time, Moderate COPD is my diagnosis , am attempting to stop smoking and have e cig to help , love all posts her and find very helpful, warm n friendly xx

  • You sound as though you have good reason to be exhausted at the moment and am not surprised you have no motivation right now. Hope your chest infection soon comes under control and hopefully you will feel a bit better before long. xx Moy

  • Hi Moyb, I don't know your situation but I have my wife around and she keeps me going and badgers me to get off my butt and do things, garden, bit of DIY, etc, and I am sure if I was on my own I would look for the easy option when short of breath. You have my sympathy, but try to keep going. Its rewarding when you complete a task however small and can be achieved without the proverbial kick up the butt. Take care.

  • Well today has been a better day!

    I went shopping with my husband (food shopping, that is) then after lunch I wrapped up ten birthday presents that have been sitting waiting for paper, wrote four Easter cards for the grandchildren and part stitched the baby cardigan. I've still not finished it as ran out of steam doing the button band. Still, I feel I've done more than just sit about today so thank you all for your support and suggestions yesterday.

    Hope you are all ok.

    xx Moy

  • Well done, MoyB. Time for a rest today, perhaps? And just finish the button band if you feel inclined?

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