Copd , now only just been diagnosed with Pleurisy

Can anyone help has have copd but had a infection before xmas which I was refused a rescue pack so after 3 lung infections ended up in A&E & was told I had a white mass but not what it was just just given Doxycycline & that was it for 4 weeks & seemed to work but Yesterday out of nowhere the most terrible pain again so went to out of hours & said I had Pleurisy & to take another course of Doxycycline which I must stress make me feel so ill & not given much information on this or how long it will take to go away . Can anybody give me any advice please ??

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  • sorry I'm no expert, might be worth ringing the BLF help line tomorrow :)

  • Thankyou for your help :)

  • I agree with diesel, phone the helpline on 03000 030 555. Good luck to you and feel better soon. Xxx

  • Thankyou for the helpline number Sassy59

  • Thanks for the replies :)

  • Refused a rescue pack? That sounds a poor decision . Hope you are improving.

  • Thankyou Mardi, me too as these Doxycycline make me feel so il :(

  • You need to stay upright for a while after taking them -not lie down. Did your dr tell you that?

  • Hi Mardi, no I wasn't told about that till I read it in the small print as my throat was burning. But I was told not to take with milk as the antibiotic won't work as well. 3 days left to take & hope they work or I will become ammune to them. Thanks Mardi for your kind advice :)

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