I thought I would share a funny story with you all on this dreary Saturday evening: My late Sister was the most fabulous nurse during her life (she died at 52). When she was a rookie nurse at 18 in a mentally ill ward, the Sister asked her to clean all the patients false she put them all in a bucket of hot water......together! This story was read out at her funeral, and I had never heard it before that day. The vicar said the patients had each others teeth in for weeks. LOL

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  • Oh, dearie me! LOL

  • She sou ds as though she was quite a character. 😄 xxx

  • She was a very special person, always gave and never took. She was a counsellor for child line, worked from 18 for the red cross and worked full time as a nurse. A gentle woman.

  • Haha haha, that made me LOL, Hetty, it's hilarious. I can just imagine the chaos it would have caused. Lovely story. xx

  • That made me smile and reminded me of the prank a cousin played on her parents who both wore dentures which were left in tubs overnight to soak at each side of the bed. She swapped them over one night while they slept. Her dad was first up and went to work. Her mum soon realised they were not hers and gave her husband a roasting on his return for spending the whole day wearing her teeth, which he said had been very uncomfortable especially when eating his sandwiches. My cousin, very mischievous was about 12 at the time.

  • Ha ha, you just cant imagine it can you?

  • Lovely story. 😂😂😂 XXX

  • Haha how comical! False teeth are such a show stopper aren't they? My dad went on holiday on an early flight and forgot to put his in, Mum text my sister and said could she get them couriered out to them because she was fed up with chewing for him, so my sister packed them up and sent them with a note daying " a ptesent from tje tooth faeries , well they were opened in customs who added a postscript to the note which said " and the tooth faeries now use plastic and deal in bulk buy" and they put an official stamp on it, it was so funny...

  • Good one x

  • Oh Hetty! What a great story. Thanks for sharing. Xxx

  • I have heard that story many times.....Student Nurses it would appear are pre programmed to do it.

  • Very true .....A friend of mine did the same thing back in 1963........

    The rest of us were given a stern warning from Sister Tutor.

    Jo. 😀

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