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A short message from Vashtis' son

It would take me too long to answer all of you one by one but I'd like you all to know your messages have lifted my spirits, Thankyou all so much.

There is a small house on the edge of a bog in Eire warmed with a peat fire surrounded by a garden full of a tangle of wild flowers, cats chasing the Faerie daft enough to show themselves, Dogs in front of the fire dreaming of long walks, Mice in the attic tramping about with their hobnail boots on, it's a good place, a place full of history and stories I'm sad and proud my Mum has now become part of the history and story of this special place.

I shan't post again, I've said what I needed to say, for all that read this I wish you well


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bless you love, once again for the last time l was in your mums world and felt privileged to be there, thank you for sharing that, l will never forget her, take care and if you share your mums talent with words don't waste it. xxxx


Thank you Brendan. The cottage sounds a place where faeries might live. As you say your mum's spirit will be entwined with its magic. I think you have your mother's way with words. Take care. Margaret x


I'm choked after reading your post, I was reading vashti for a last time. Take good care big man...blessings moongirl )0( xx


Thank you Brendan you write with feeling just like your mother and she lives on in you x


Thank you Brendan.

Aidi-Joll 🌻


A truly magical picture Brendan. Thank you. Take care. Pam XXX


Thank you Brendon, take care of you and the family xx


Thanks Brendan.

We are all privileged to share a tiny piece of her life- through her stories.

My heart goes out to you all, your mom is a very special soul.


Thank you and I wish you well too. She will give you strength.

Your Mother will always have a place in our hearts.


Morning Brendan, lovely to read your post, you are most certainly your mothers son, Vashti's words echoed through your post, regards Bulpit


Wishing you well Brendan

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All the best, Brendan. Thanks for coming to visit us on this site at such a difficult time. Your mother was much loved by people on this site and will be fondly remembered.


Hello Brendan

Wishing you and your family find comfort and happiness in the future, when you think of your Mum. And read her wonderful stories about her life.

You write like her Brendan, what a lucky man you are, to have inherited her talent. Treasure and nurture it.

Thank you for your post.

Velvet xx


Wonderfully put Brendan. Conjures up a lovely picture and great memories.

Wishing you well and Himself too of course. Xxxx


Thank you Brendan, it was so nice of you to contact us and let us share our condolences with you and your family. Our heart goes out to Himslelf you and all the family.

You do have her wonderfull gift for words . Take care 🌹Xxx


Thankyou Brendan. I will never forget your Mum. It was a pleasure​ to know her. Take​ care. God bless.

Thank you Brendon for taking the time to come on hear our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family at this difficult time.

If you need just one thing to help you through the most difficult time it would be your mom made a mark on so many peoples lives.

Take care Brendon we are always hear for you and your family xx

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That was beautiful, her spirit will live there forever. Good luck to you and your family, just think of is once in a while. We will never forget your mum, she was a great part of our lives. Goodbye, thankyou for your kind words and letting us share Vashti xxx Bernadette 😊


That's beauriful Brendan I wish you all you wish yourself at this difficult time.


Thank you .


Thank you x

I wish you well Brendon, you sound just like your mom. I will never forget her xx

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Thank you for taking the time to write at such a tough time Brendan. I cried when I read your post - it was as if you & your mum were writing it together. You truly have her gift for writing & through that she will live on in your heart. I wish you & your family peace & the comfort of knowing she was loved by so many. She will never be forgotten. Chris 🌻

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Thank you for sharing your mother with me once again through your words. 👍🙏💐

I didnt write before but i wish you well and hope you can get on with your life. I'm in a similar situation my daughter died recently. I still shed tears for her, but its like i say to all , I've had more than one daughter , I have three children alive and I am here for them. I know its not the same but it still hard . Take care of yourself , XXX


Thankyou Brendan Take Care X

Thank you Brendon for thinking of us at this sad time. I wish you and your family well. I will always remember Vashti, what a lady she was, keep well and take care xxx

You painted a picture for us using her brush strokes, thank you Brendan and may your path through life be blessed. You will never forget her, nor will those of us whose lives she enriched with her magic and her loving kindness.

"To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die"


Thank you. X

Thank you, Brendan. Take care, Sue xxx


Take care of each other,and thank you for visiting our site, your Mum will never be forgotten we all have a little peice of her in our hearts, tell himself we are thinking of him .

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Thank you

Thank you Brendan. Your words have painted a wonderful picture in my head of the cats and mice and the wild flowers. I will never forget your mum. I'm sure she will have a special place in all of our hearts.

Thank you Brendan for sharing the lovely picture of that part of history that our oh so special friend has become !

I hope her posts will remain on this forum for a while so that we, as we feel the need can revisit those special times we spent with Vashti, walking the paths with her as she painted the most vivid pictures of history and the cats and her shed and himself.

What an awesome journey!

Take care


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I would like to re-read some of Vashti's posts, how can I do that?

They are all still on the board. The easiest way to find one is to use the search facility. Just put in a key word.


Feels like I know that house, that garden, those lovely cats and dogs. Vashti, you mum had a way of painting pictures that stay in the mind - it seems that you're blessed with that same talent. Thank you for sharing it. You'll all be in our thoughts over the coming days - and remembered every time we think of vashti.

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Thankyou xx

Brendon, that was so beautifully said. You sound so much like your Mum and she will be missed so much. xxx

Sure you have your mums nack for story telling. Wonderful pictures came to mind. Take care big lad. X

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Thank you Brendan, for taking the time to paint a last image for us all, like the last page of a well loved book, take care big lad, god bless xx

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