Goats milk health benefits?


I've just seen a programme on to about goats milk and its health benefits. It mentioned it can reduce bronchial symptoms and when I have googled it there are various articles on line agreeing and disagreeing with this. Has anyone tried this and did you find any benefit in it?

Update: I've bought some and had it in tea and on my breakfast cereal this morning and at first I thought there was a bit of a taste to it.. only very slight but either I'm getting used to it already or I think I was looking for it to taste different. I'm definitely going to stick with it for a while and will let you know if there is any change to my health x

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  • Hi

    Both seem similar, in which case could actually thicken mucus?


  • I eat goats' yoghurt all the time Knicho and have done or years - and eat very little cows' milk, though do eat quite a lot of cows' cheese so can't give a clear answer to your question.

    In my 20s when I first had asthma I came across recommendations for goats' milk for asthma. This was partly based on the fact that the fat molecules in goats' milk are smaller than those of cows' milk and easier for us humans to digest, so helpful for people with allergies to cows' products. Apparently the fat molecules are similar size to those in human breast milk, therefore more suited to human consumption. Did the programme mention that? Ive not seen it since that time.

    More recently Ive read trials that found goats' milk produces less mucus in the trachea and bronchi, but there was no difference within the lungs. Did the programme make you want to try substituting goats' milk?

  • It didn't mention the breast milk thing but I read that online. It mentioned being good for asthma, excema and bronchial conditions and also low immune system.. So I read up further online and there were conflicting views as always..

  • Yes I tried it once, I didn't finish the carton, to me it was like lamb chop flavoured milk.... shudder.

    Its an acquired taste I think, try it and see.

    Goats cheese I love - maybe opt for that :)

  • Yuk! I'll buy one lot and try it and see..

  • Saw that programme too and had the same thought. I love Pembrokeshire.

  • Me too! Let me know how you get on if you try it?

  • we changed over to goats milk, butter and yogurt, at the time it was done as everytime hubby was poorly he had a severe allergic reaction and it was decided it was milk. Cannot say we have noticed a vast improvement but it certainly seems to have somewhat in reducing some of the mucous - or is it wishful thinking don't know but the taste is lovely

  • Goats milk made a real difference to my late husband Bob, who had a cows milk allergy that made him swell like a football round the stomach (ascites). Bleached white flour also gave him asthma attacks. His changing hypersensitivity was one of the main reasons I studied to be a dietitian in the 90s.

  • I tried it in the 1970s and it made my Asthma and Eczema, and it made it worse, but I had particularly bad Eczema and Asthma. Since then I heard somewhere that it can make this be worse before it gets better. I don't know. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and it may help you, as everyone is different. Have an open mind.

  • Back in 1973 our 5 year old had a. ? permanent cold , cough ,ear problems through each winter.......We moved up country for " the good life " ... .Our next door neighbour had a goat and every morning gave us a pint of milk for our son. Within weeks he was clear ,no more coughs ? cold and ear aches....... Came the spring the goat had a kid and the milk stopped as it was needed for its young & a couple of lambs. Within a few weeks our son was back where we started.

    So as we had a parcel of land we went in search of a nanny goat. Her name was Becky .A lovely natured animal who was happy to be milked by a novice. Over the years she had a few kids , the milk never really stopped and our son thrived . We kept a goat right upto 1989.

    Our last goat Tuppence was by then kept as a pet.......Happy days .


  • Sounds a lovely life and definitely a goats milk success story.. I'm going to give it a try.. Nothing to lose! Xx

  • How are you finding the goats milk Knicho? What brand did you go for?

    The one I tried was St Helens

  • I'm finding the taste ok, I've also got St. Helens. Can't say I've noticed a difference in my health at the minute but I have picked up a sore throat which seems to have set off my symptoms again so it's masking any health benefits I might have felt at the moment

  • Hi knicho, thanks for feed back, so sorry your symptoms set off again by a sore throat. Hope you are doing better today.

  • Thanks I'm a little better today

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