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Have been thinking about a walker for awhile and wondered how many people in the forum are using them. I have trouble walking any distance beyond say the supermarket car parked the supermarket once in the supermarket I feel happy once I have a trolley to lean on and can walk around and get on with my shopping I may be slow but it does help my walking therefore my body is getting some exercise. If we go to a shopping centre I use my mobility scooter just a light weight one but I feel I am being lazy and might be better to use a walker instead I see a few have seats so could rest if it got to be too much. I was last year diagnosed with osteoporosis and the doc said I needed to do more load bearing walking which I have found impossible. We used to enjoy going to a Restaraunt for lunch a once a week treat but haven't been for ages abit unfair on the other half who must be well fed up of my moaning and making excuses. I have looked on line so many are there good and bad ones ? 😘

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  • Hi

    I recently purchased a four wheel rollator with the same intentions as you to do more if the weather improves.

    Not had chance to use as yet, apart from up and down lounge.


    There are many to choose from you need one to suit your needs, depending on light weight easy of folding etc

    There are also try walkers only having three wheels the seem easier for local shopping and doorways.

    Again it down to personal choice rather than recommendation.

  • Hi Stone

    As always you are a good source of information and took a look at your link a good price there are so many and wanting to keep it light and simple. I am sure using it indoors if it gives extra exercise anything that get me off my bum will help thanks for the input.🙂

  • I have one with a seat but got it so I would do more walking get winded very easily my son does most of our shopping as my husband is a double amputee I really hate my health condition and keep hoping it will get better I did go and have lunch with my sister yesterday and even had a couple of drinks I was exhausted today though but did manage to go to my nephew's birthday. Probably no information that you needed. Sorry

  • I use a Flipstick walking stick with a seat that folds up in my bag. It's a little dearer at around £25 - £35 but really worth it. To see an example, visit amazon.co.uk/Folding-Flipst...

  • I was just like you always found it easier once in the supermarket with the trolley, so I bought a mobility walker from ebay as so much cheaper and I have never looked back. Definitely get one. I chose one with a bag in the centre as I use oxygen when out walking so I was able to put the cylinder in the bag thus saving the weight of it but if you feel the need to rest at all then yes get one with a seat. I have often seen second hand walkers for sale both in charity shops and boot sales as well if that helps.

  • I bought a lightweight 4 wheel rollator with seat and really find it useful.i I take it in a taxi when attendinghospital appointments etc and always able to use seat if none available. I went for

    the highest extension as last trolley I had was far too low

  • (You)".....I use my mobility scooter just a light weight one but I feel I am being lazy and might be better to use a walker instead...."

    (My Consultant) "The more you can do now, the better off you will be later"

    Well done, a positive decision on your part, exercise really does make a difference to both your breathing and stamina. Make sure that you get one with adjustable handles so you can get the correct height for you, you don't want to get a bad back too.

  • Thankyou yes looking at a lightweight rollator says it's adjustable and has a seat of sorts with back rest sling and small mesh bag wanted something as light as possible hubby groans putting the scooter in the boot (and quite rightly so) if I can use the walker more often than the scooter can only be a good thing all round desperate to get mobile. Just need some better weather now fingers crossed.🌞🙂

  • I have been using them for over 5 Years, first was a 4 wheeler with seat which was very good but took a lot of space up in the car and was not easy to manoeuvre in shops. Changed to a 3 wheeler which I still use with oxygen canister in bag. Just need to take extra care when mounting higher than usual kerbs. In November I tripped over a kerb and ended up breaking a hip and spent 8 weeks in hospital. Not trying to put you off one. I now use one indoors as well.

  • Hi Joyce

    Yes I am looking for one to fold up and put in the car I don't drive but hubby will find it easy to handle and will be glad of that as neither of us getting any younger I am 66 hubby 68 so will be a good buy when I do buy. Thankyou for your reply.🙂

  • my stroller folds back to front so it can go on the back seat of the car or in the boot

  • One of the main benefits to have a walker is not only does it help you get around it stops you falling. Falls are a major factor as you get older.Most hospital admission for the elderly are after falls.If you have problems with balance it is worth asking for an O.T.Occupational Therapist asseesment.Social services used to do it but i retired 17 years ago so things change.We have a local charity here that does risk assessments and fits handles bars etc.

  • Hi Mike

    Think if I get a stroller as I am sure I will, while my balance is good now it may not always be the case I am 66 and lung function of 20% maybe less so going to help me in the future. Thank you for your feedback it is a help.

  • That's fine I agree, i am 82 so a bit different only been diagnosed for a couple of years and still 70% and need to exercise..Thank you for replying this is a nice place to exchange Idea's but can be time consuming.

  • I bought one about 2 years ago i use it for short walks but otherwise i use an electric scooter the only problem i have is my driveway is shingled and it wont push on shingle, i have another walker i use indoors which has 2 shelves the bottom one i use for my oxygen cylinder and my handbag and the top shelf for carrying things on

  • Hi Joyce

    Sounds like you are making good use of your walkers can only be a good thing if it helps taken me awhile to accept the fact that I need to use these helping aids but getting my head around it now Thankyou for the reply.

  • because i'm on oxygen 24/7 i find them cylinders heavy on my wrist so the trolleys are good for me. i dont use them as backpacks with the bags as i find that just as heavy. on my stroller it has a seat to rest my legs also you know the clips that are used to hold baby bags on prams I bought a couple of them to hold my oxygen bottle bags on the stroller. i put my handbag in the seat to hide it when i'm out walking. if you need it use it

  • That's a Good idea using the baby bag clips hadn't thought of that one, I am hoping to use mine in the garden when the weather gets better to help me do some gardening kept dragging a little stool around last year so hope a stroller will be more user friendly.

  • if your going to buy some get the once with the nylon straps and the big hooks xx

  • i have them on my stroller but keep them either side of the back rest to stop them dragging on the floor

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