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Breathing problems


Hi, this is my first post on here, so please bear with me.

I went to see my doctor today about a cough I have had for over 4 weeks, plus possible chest infection.

My Doctor examined me and said that my chest is all clear, but I can actually hear what I think is wheezing and crackling from my chest /throat area which gets much worse when I lay back or lie down. I have been coughing that much my chest hurts when I breathe. I am diabetic and have high blood pressure, 70 years old

If my chest is all clear why am I hearing these sounds and coughing like mad, anyone have any ideas please, it's driving me mad

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Hi Pend046 "Welcome" to our friendly and informative community.

Often you know when an infection is starting before it can be picked up by the GP. If your symptoms persist then another trip to your GP is advisable.

It's a bit early yet but I'm sure someone will be along shortly that may be better able to help.

Take care.


Sorry I can't help you, Pend 046, but just wanted to welcome you to the site. I've learned such a lot from the good people here. I'm sure someone will be along soon to talk about your question.

Welcome to you Pend046 and l do feel that your doctor needs to investigate your symptoms further. You know your body and know how you are feeling so please get another GP appointment. Hope you feel better soon and do let us know how things go. Xxxxxx

Welcome ! Maybe you need to get a second opinion. Someone who can give you something to deal with your congestion.


I would get a second opinion.

Hi there. If it's coming from top of chest/throat area maybe it's an URTI, i.e. upper respiratory tract infection. Your GP probably means your lungs are clear so it's not a chest infection as such. You can't beat good old lemon & honey, but I googled "best cough medicines" & came up with this recent article The Mail's health articles are well researched. That one called Unicough might be worth a try?

cofdrop-UK in reply to Hanne62

Well Hanne as much as it goes against the grain to delve into the Dreary Mail, I have to admit this is a good article;-)


I also had this for a few months and over xmas and it was a upper respotory infection and everytime i went to docs chest was clear. Worst uri ive ever had. Hang in there pend,drink n rest plenty and take your meds. Steam,vicks and huffing up the mucus helped me also.

Welcome Pend. Hope you feel better soon. cx

Hello and welcome. I think that you've had some great advice, so I won't try to add to it. If it is a virus, can be very stubborn! Take care and let us know how you get on. Pam XXX

The crackling is a worry and Like others I would suggest a return visit to your GP or maybe another GP at your practice? Unfortunately many of us have learned that we have to be a little pushy sometimes, good luck, stay warm and hydrated, all the usual advice and do let us know how you get on.

Pend046 in reply to Ccupcakes

I think you are right, it looks like another GP visit. I agree with the pushy bit though, I go to a practice where there are several GPs. Everyone is allocated a GP, but try and get an appointment with that GP, it's impossible sometimes. There are other GPs that give you the feeling they want you out of the door as soon as you walk in, especially at my age, everything is put down to wear and tear.

Rant over. Thank you everyone for your replies, they have been very helpful

Hello Pend046, nice to talk to you, don't let anyone blame your age or make you feel like that at the GPS, we oldies still have a lot to give to society., if kept fit. Gp appointments are not easy to get even when you are ill I agree, but try we must. I don't see mine often but when things go wrong they then have panic stations. Now to your problem, if there is inflammation in the chest it can last quite a while and often is the result of infection in the first place. But the GP could give or advise on what to take to help the cough even if it does not warrant a prescription. A bug has been going round with a long term cough lingering for some time. Best Wishes

It may be that you have silent reflux i.e., you don't feel normal symptoms as you would in heartburn. I did the Hull cough questionnaire as I have been suffering much the same symptoms as you for 5 months. It cost 3.49 but you get a diagnosis (mine was reflux cough) this somewhat surprised me. You also get a letter for your GP with treatment options and info regarding cough. Hope this helps and good luck

rubyred777 in reply to NannyP-UK

Sounds like me, NannyP-UK . I have a very loose cough in the bottom of my throat. 🌼🌼

Welcome to the site..😌😌 I'm thinking the silent reflux, might be something for you to check out. I also have similar symptoms. Ruby 🌷🌷

Welcome Pend046! I, too am new here & find this site very helpful. It sounds like you may have bronchitis. I had the same thing before the holidays & my doctor said the coughing is due to post-nasal drip which occurs when we lie down. Check with your MD & see if he can recommend an antitussive medication. Let us know how you make out & good luck.

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