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Getting downstairs


I was wondering how people who have converters like I do get downstairs themselves on a morning .iI have one on the landing upstairs and another in living room but I can't go downstairs myself because I would have to turn of upstairs converter then walk down stairs and through kitchen to get to other machine and switch on without oxygen .Have to wait for hubby to get up and turn downstairs on and move it so lead reaches stairs when I got the liquid oxygen yesterday brought it upstairs last night over half full I'm on constant and thought I would be able to use it to go down this morning so at 7 I decided to do so but it was empty hubby still asleep I stuck up here good job I have some water up here xx

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Would it not be more suitable for you to have piped in system, where you plug into each room.

That's the disadvantage of liquid oxygen it does evaporate.

There is a home fill system where you have a static concentrater for 24/7 and on top there is compressor to fill cylinders for Ambulitory use.

Not all providers use them.

I would speak to your provider about your concerns and ask what they can offer.

Then speak to your respitory nurse to arrange the necessary prescription.

Or speak to your nurse first.

There wil be a positive solution.

Found this BOC do home fill system.

Thank you seeing nurse Friday

Excellent advice, with links as usual from stone-UK . Hope you manage to sort it out one way or another. Trust you are feeling a little better today Time_2_drink ?

Unfortunately had to go up to bed to rest breathless and once again pain back under breast sound like a broken record every day get up with such plans to do things and all turn to mush hey ho tomorrow another day

mrsmummy in reply to stone-UK

Excellent information stone.

Hi Time_2_Drink,

I have a similar Home Oxygen "setup", I am on Long Term Oxygen Treatment (24/7). I have one compressor with its dedicated wall socket and approximately 50 feet of green tubing on my upstairs landing. This allows me all access all areas I.e. bathroom and bedrooms. I also have a large Oxygen Canister by my bed as backup.

Downstairs I have another compressor (with large Canister backup) in my main living room (lounge). This is adjacent to the stairs. Attached to this compressor is about 60 ft of green tubing which again let's me get to the kitchen and all other downstairs rooms.

I have a stairlift, installed by my Council's Services Adult Occupational Therapist recommendation last year. Therefore the only time I do not have access to oxygen is when I am using the stairlift, approximately 30 - 40 seconds. Initially I had to trust my Rehabilitation Nurses advise to use my breathing exercise techniques during this period which for me was quite difficult but eventually I got it. Incidentally it was invaluable when the stairlift broke down "mid stream" and my initial reaction was 'panic'. But I obviously got there!

There reason why I am detailing this to you and anyone in a similar situation is that all of this was put into action by talking to your Adult Support Workers, ie Oxygen Supply Nurse, Adult Support Nurse and Adult Occupational Nurse preferably on site. Originally I had only one compressor and had to use the stairlift with tubing trailing behind, not much fun but I got it changed by showing my Oxygen Nurse the difficulties and danger that were involved.

They are all there to help you but you must ask or sometimes insist on them seeing you in-situ with all of your problems and fears. You never know they may even have their own solution!

Finally I also have smaller 2 ltr 'portable' canisters with I use with my 'golf trolly" to go outside, in the garden, passenger in car (still haven't got answer from DVLA) and Rehabilitation Exercise Classes.

It's not the perfect solution, I wish that I didn't have severe COPD, but I do and I (we) have to make the best of a worst situation. Let us all know how you get on

Take care,


Time_2_drink in reply to Markrh

Hope you hear from Dvla and rehab before to long

Thank you at moment only have oxygen nurse I have once again asked doctor to refer me to community matron who it seems can liaise with other services and hopefully I will be able to get things sorted out .I spoke to the doctor on Monday and as yet am still waiting to hear anything .I have to see respiratory nurse at clinic on Friday at 9 o'clock will have to be up about 6 although I probably awake it takes ages to get sorted better make it 5 lol I Have to go through kitchen to get to living room .I was puzzled why I only got one large cylinder as back up I will mention this on friday.I have already had short power cut and converter failure so really should have 1up one down is that standard thanks for your reply take care


Have you notified you energy supplier that you are on supplementary oxygen.

They will flag you as a priority customer in respect of a supply outage.

Have done thank you

Markrh in reply to Time_2_drink


Strangely when I had the delivery of my first condenser for downstairs he also delivered 2 x large Oxygen canisters. So when he delivered the second condensor for upstairs I asked him if he could also take the second one as well. He could not have been more helpful, in fact he, so far, has been always helpful. Ask your respiratory nurse, who proscribes the oxygen for you, to up your prescription for another one. Don' t be afraid to ask!

Also please do not worry about the time it takes to do 'things' now you are using the new equipment, you will soon get into a routine without you knowing it.

Thanks for your comments regarding hearing from the DVLA, it really has a severe limitation on my mobility. If ever there was a situation that fits the idiom 'to not worry about about things outside your control' it's this one! It is extremely frustrating but there's nothing I can do. It's hard but...!

Lastly, I'm not waiting for anything from my Respiratory Nurse (s) it was a typo of mine!

Keep up the good work and try to keep a positive attitude, it really does work.

Stay safe,


Time_2_drink in reply to Markrh

Thanks will do that Friday

Hi again,

But I have just remembered. Vrry important, have you notified your local firestation that you have Oxygen cylinders in your house? I don't know if you have to do that by law but it is only prudent to do so. Also they will ask/advise you to install smoke alarms in your home. Don't worry about how many and where, they will give you guidance and show you how to operate and maintain them.

Take care,


stone-UK in reply to Markrh


The oxygen provider will notify fire brigade.

They come and do a risk assessment and fit fire alarms for free, at least mine did.

Alarms are fitted in hall way and upstairs landing.

I fitted one in kitchen, he pointed it works but in wrong place.

Markrh in reply to stone-UK

Thanks, mine told me it was my job to contact them. Still doesn't matter, job done.



Have had a visit from them and they fitted alarms thank you .We also told ours in wrong place

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