Wheelchair and ambultory oxygen

after spending most of sunday and all Monday in bed with pain under breast I got up yesterday and oxygen arrived hubby managed to hire a wheelchair from the Red Cross and I had my first trip out since December cut short by rain but quite pleased by that stupidly I wouldn't go to the local shops felt so self conscious and was watching all the time to make sure we didn't see anybody we knew I know I got to get over it .You should have seen us leaving the house it was like a game of hide and seek waiting till street was clear to go will keep trying but won't be today very windy and cold hope it better where you are xx

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  • Hi

    Now you have the kit, get yourself out there, you will find very few people will take a second look.

  • That's quite a funny picture T2d, you and your husband dodging ppl you know, but I do feel for you. It's never easy first few times but you will get over it. Do you have any close friends who could come with you? Seems like you need a gang of people around you but failing that, have a think about things you could say to anyone who asks - I used to tell people it was my laughing gas (not on it now). If you can get to a point where you feel positive about it, then other people will take it in their stride.

    Oxygen is basically just a medication to supply something you should have enough of but don't. Like thyroxine for your thyroid, or insulin if you're a diabetic.

    Try to think of the positive things about having it - you're not a prisoner in your home any more - you can be out in the world again. Maybe you could decide on a trip to do or see something you've wanted to but have not been able to. Try and see oxygen as your friend, not something to feel ashamed or embarrassed about. Not so easy to begin with perhaps but you will feel better about it in a while, trust me :)

  • Thanks part of my problem is friends or lack of close by my best friend lives in turkey now we used to visit her .My friend who we used to go on holidays with twice a year and through the summer with our touring caravans not on hook up but rallies lives in another county so I have no friends around

  • Well done to you and hubby. Better weather will be here at some point so get out lots more then.

    The Red Cross are great with wheelchair hire so glad you found them. Take care xxxxx

  • Sounds like Mrs Bouquet look them straight in the eye and say i have a bad chest . Your true friends ill remain friends.. Hope all goes well get hubbie to order a powered buggy and you can mow down the one's who give you funny looks.

  • There would be mayhem if I was anywhere near a powered buggy I can't drive but would certainly cause chaos

  • Yes enjoy your freedom no one will bother to look at you . Go for it.

  • Thanks once I get shot of this blinking pain or at least learn to cope with it might be able to

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