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Ethics and Women / Ladies kidney Donation


Having just finished watching the hospital documentry.

I can't help asking AS is controversial subject SHOULD women ladies be able to be living doners of one of there kidneys

Is it ethical to alow women ladies to be living kidney donors WHEN hospital's doctors KNOW women will suffer more hits on the kidneys and suffer more from kidney dieases and more than likely to need them Both in later life.

WHEREs the ethics in that.

Considering guys men are less predisposed to kidney damage disease.

Its hardly ethical.

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I watched the programme too , Jeff.

Ethics....a deep subject for a Tuesday morning . That debate could could go on for a long time.

I am listening to a Buddhist chant CD to calm my mind and gain compassion

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Hi knitter this help compose your zen state.

knitter in reply to Hidden

Thanks Jeff, I am reviving my inner hippy .

And still thinking about your ethics question.

But really should be hoovering up the dust as well.

Best wishes to you and your family, I hope all is well as can be with your Dad . I watched a programme by David Baddiel on ch 4, showing life with his father who had dementia.

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Hi cheers sounds like you might need tea/ coffee first before tackle hoovering dusting.

Yer i missed that program but am living it.

Usally my mum gets blunt of dads frustration BUT like leaf in the wind.

Soon blow over

I saw that program she gave her kidney to someone and someone else gave her husband a kidney if I remember.

Being on dialysis is time consuming and they will look at the cost to the NHS I didn't see the end was the operation successful

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They want to think about all those diesed like us who would not even get offerd dialysis

onamission in reply to Hidden

Yes I agree we have lost our dialysis unit my friends husband had one of his kidney's removed at 25 when he was in his late 50s his other kidney failed. We had a fantastic dialysis unit untill we became a trust and the rest is history as they say

what hospital documentary were you watching???

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Hi was on bbc 1 .. think was repeat.

clematis5932 in reply to Erin001

Called Hospital now into its fifth week brilliant series well worth watching.

Erin001 in reply to clematis5932

Oh I thought it was that

I love that programme

It so sad and our NHS is in a bad way

I hope the government watched it but I doubt it

I don't know about ethics.

An acquaintance recently donated a kidney to her little son James . He'd waited so long for a heart that his other organs deteriorated. He's a dear little boy but he may never have had a match in time to help him if his mum hadn't been a reasonable match. He's now doing really well.

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Is truly sad and i know mothers will do out for the kids even if that puts there lifes on the line BUT what good would it do if mother got sick.

Life can be cruel and this not allways the answer

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