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If anyone finds my appetite can you send it back please him indoors cooked a steak meal couldn't face it so sorry for him he is trying to tempt me .I don't know why but the pain under breast seems to be on timer and always starts around 6

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Dont look in my corner - I have lost my appetite and enjoyment of food. Just wondering about the pain in your chest - heartburn. Gastric problems - best to talk to your GP.

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Did mention it to a@e doctor gp who prescribed coedine without seeing me . When respiratory nurse came Friday she. Said it was more than likely my diaphragm because of lungs changing shape but she also said me going from boiling to freezing in seconds could be down to the change. That was many moons ago lol

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Check thyroid out

Hope you find your appetite soon and speak to your doctor about your pain. Xxxx

Thanks sassy going to ask hubby to make me a smoothie .I did tell doctor he just said probably muscular respiratory nurse said it probably my diaphragm with lungs changing shape xxx

Appetite can also be affected by breathlessness because eating is difficult when you are out of breath. Do chat to your GP as others have suggested.

Thank you have mentioned it

Hope your feeling better soon and get your appetite back.Might be a silly comment but protein shakes are a good way of getting nutrients when not eating well but I don't know how you'd feel about drinking also.Take care of yourself.

Thanks as I type him indoors making me a smoothie with bananas dried milk whole milk peanut butter and nuts thankfully I am ok drinking especially over night I drink tons of water and also tonic water for my feet .My mouth is always bone dry during night for some reason

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That smoothie sounds lovely I'm jealous need to look for the ingredients tomorrow and pinch your idea lol I also drink a lot of water, best thing for us, just another silly idea that might help, I use a water bottle with a carbon filter in it which removes the chlorine and fluoride and any other pollutants from the water as you drink it and I find I feel more hydrated since using it but we are all different and it might just be me but might help you feel more hydrated during the night as nothing worse than that parched feeling.All the best.

Thanks him indoors reckons we have good water in north east but I will keep at him .Smoothie lovely he also put what was left in ice cream tub in to add more calories hope you enjoy

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You're a very lucky woman to have a husband like that. He sounds an absolute angel!

He has his moments but I don't think he quite got his head around me being on oxygen so we are trying to plod on as best we can he is devastated I wish I could take care of him

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It's difficult isn't it, I hate it when my husband looks all worried & upset. All we can do is put on a brave face & a cheery smile :D

I'm trying overtime maybe will cope better

Im in the same boat as my appetite has gone walkabout. Went out last night for a meal with my wife, daughter and youngest grandson. They enjoyd their meals but I couldnt eat more than a couple of forksfull. Though I did manage to have some cake and custard when I got home.

Terrible isn't it fed up of it and feeling so rough as well at the end of my tether hope you enjoyed cake and custard

The dietician told me that if I have three small meals a day, my appetite will come back. Apparently, one has to "trigger" the urge to eat. Now, I start my day with a mug of milky coffee and a few biscuits, then a sandwich, before dinner in the evening. She also said that fluids are important: 1.5 litres of them a day (not counting alcohol). Try it and let me know how you get on. I'm struggling with the fluids...


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Thanks I don't have problems drinking only it makes me want to use the bathroom and I have a struggle to get upstairs sats fall and heart rate goes ballistic so I think that is why I drink a lot of water through the night because I near toilet .Hope you can get a bit more fluids down

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Mardi in reply to Catnip

Catnip Good suggestion from the caring dr. Eat something really tasty -even a chocolate eclair ( do you have them in the UK?)

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