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Hello all and hope yous are well. I am early stage copd, been given a blood pressure tester to test for a week a few times a day due to "hypertension"? I have also been told that (after buying one) I shouldnt ride a bike to try and get fit as it wont help. I have been going really red, full body sweat (heavily) and shortness of breath after only a couple of minutes exercise. Had chest xray and no difference (thankfully), blood oxygen test but dont know what it was as I forgot to ask. A bit hard concentrating on things in general sometimes but not all the time. Has anyone any ideas how I can get fitter to get everything back under control?

On a brighter side, my grand daughter is doing fantastic, 14 weeks old now and giggling lol. Makes everything worth while

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  • Just take things easier and don't over do the exercise. Eat healthy and just do what you can. Let me know how you get on pleasexxx

  • Hi Robdonn. If there are any issues with Hypertension, they'll want you to get that under control first. Gentle daily walking is great for fitness and helps to reduce blood pressure. If your blood pressure is okay, there's no reason why you shouldn't use your bike. I'm stage 3 and cycle regularly and also use exercise bikes in the gym.

    Hope the monitoring goes well. Take care. Pam XXX

  • Hi robdonn, try gentle exercises and build up gradually as you feel you are able. Try not to overdo things and hope the hypertension can be controlled.

    Glad your little granddaughter is doing well. Xxxxx

  • Hi

    Bit of light reading,


  • nhs.uk/Conditions/Blood-pre... You may be given medication to controle your blood pressure. Have been on them for many year and it is under controle at the moment.

  • Just try and take a daily walk for at least an hour at your own comfortable pace - works for me ! Hail , rain or shine! Good luck !

  • Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. Exercise is good for it but don't overdo it to start with. I have had high bp all my life and rode a bike for years. Diet, exercise and the right medication can usually make all the difference. The monitor is to see what happens over a longer period. Gentle walking is a good start, also losing weight if necessary. Hope this helps.

  • Good morning robdonn,

    I'd leave the bike for the time being, and concentrate on walking - just steady, a little way to start with, and increase the time as you feel able without pushing yourself. sone has sent you a really good link.

    You must be loving every moment of seeing your happy baby Granddaughter - how they change from day to day at her age.

    Have a good weekend:-)

  • All you can do at the moment is to collect your BP results for examination.

    I too have Hypertension and have been given tablets to get it under control, but I have also been given the all clear to exercise vigorously by both respiratory and cardiac consultants :)

    So all is not lost for you just yet. Stop worrying about it, that will only give you a high blood pressure. Give it some time for them to sort it all out first, let them get it under control, then the question of exercise can be approached and advice given.

    My BP used to be around 185/105 before getting it under control with Amlodipine Besilate tablets. I too have my own monitor and consider it a tool, like a thermometer is, as part of my diagnostics in the event of a flare-up.

  • I wish I knew--I gained so much weight quittiing smoking and now to sick to do much=IM O2 24/7 have a heated pool here but cant go in with all this tubing----im so hungry every couple hours--I think it is still cig crave--I have pulmonary hypertension-a-fib and congestive heart failure--im afraid if I fart ill die--I want to get in a program at hospital that is for heart patients--they monitor you--so I can get some confidence--Truly a scarey time for me--hugs,MmeT

  • I sincerely wish you all the very best and thankyou for sharing this. Ive finally managed to get off the nicotine chewy after 2 years and on 1mg lozenges which are putrid so it shouldnt take long to get off them. Im hungry most of the time and also still think a lot about having a fag because I used to love every one I had. Once again thankyou and hope things brighten up for you

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