My Condition and how and when

Diagnosed with Alpha1 anti-tripsin deficiency 13 yrs ago. 3 yrs ago started to worsen and am now on Oxygen when other than sitting. Went to Royal Brompton & Harefied Hospital last week. Unfortunately not much can be done so live in hope that something may be discovered in the next few years. Not a smoker, mine was hereditary. Got the short straw but that's the luck of draw. Will always be smiling and laughing no matter what and enjoying life with my daring wife and my family. Here Endeth the sermon.s

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  • Hi Snodgrass, it's always good to have hope and wonderful to have family and friends too. Pete and l are lucky to have each other and family nearby.

    Take care and best wishes to you. Xxxxx

  • Hello Snodgrass

    My sentiments exactly.....

    Right to the end...

    " Always look on the bright side of life "

    Good for you 😂😂


  • Hello Snodgrass,

    That was a good sermon! I'm sorry things are difficult but it's great that you have such a wonderful family round you.

    When our worlds get smaller and slower we can see all the good and precious things more clearly.

    Keep smiling, Sue xxx

  • hi watford...i agree with your post about seeing all the good and precious things, however, i also seem to be'uch more aware of how cruel people can be. am i a negative thinker or am i normal???

  • Hi Mooskie, I think you're right. I'm no expert but I agree with you - and I'm more touchy than I used to be, lots of negative thinking but I get over it more quickly. You should post about it and ask everyone!

    I'm sure you're normal!! Hope you're doing ok? Take care, Sue x

  • 'T is not the end -- I was a smoker, told that I was an A-1 as a sort of "PS" in 1988 when little seems to have been known about it. Like you, my condition has got worse and I'm now on long-term oxygen (L-TOT), 3 litres for 15 hours a day, then 4 litres when I'm on my feet and up and doing. Keep smiling. The "Black Dog" of depression affects about 80% of COPD patients. That is often worse than the struggling to breathe!!!


  • Hallo Snodgrass 1, hope I can stay as positive as you!

  • :)

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