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Assessment for Surgery

My COPD has become a lot worse recently. At my last appointment with the consultant, she asked if I would be willing to go for an assessment for a possible transplant or having valves inserted. I jumped at the chance and agreed. What is involved in this? I worry that my age (64) will go against me or that my condition gets so bad I am not fit enough for an operation. Thoughts?

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I shouldn't worry about your age being a factor till you get around my age (85) ;-)


That's good news for you! I doubt if your consultant would have suggested it if she hadn't thought that there was a good chance it could happen. Try not to worry too much about what might happen. Look after yourself, Sue x

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Thank you. She also said that I have to stop the steroids as they can't operate if I continue them. That is the main treatment in relieving my symptoms. Off them for three weeks now and struggling.


I don't know how long you've been on them but it is 'normal' to take a dip and the body slowly re-adjusts. Pace yourself and don't push yourself too much. Keep in touch. x


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