Sincere Thanks for your shares-

Thank you all for your kind thoughts & shared experiences. My husband has been the sole supporter these last few years- I'm currently have 42% of my lungs that are working. Once I get on the list, get the call, we need to relocate for 3-6 months after surgery... we just moved to a smaller place in Sept. 2016, so it would be easier to take care of... we will have to find a way to move near the hospital, & try to rent out our current home. No children or family here- but we have a 15 year old cat. I know that the new lungs will make my life better- We are being positive about it. - I have had 32 wonderful years with my sweet man. I am so blessed for that time together. He's by best friend.

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  • Wishing you well with everything and hope you find a nice place to re-locate to. It's great to be married to a lovely man......l should know. Xxxx 😀

  • To you all my best wish' for the future and may your hopes and plans come to fruition keep positive. Take Care


  • Hi are you talking about the lung transplant list? If I am surprised you can get it done with such a relatively high lung function. I thought you had to be very severe? I hope things work out for you anyway. Take care. x

  • Wow MicBel

    what country are you in, your lung function is not a great deal different to mine, and I have yet to get a referral to a consultant.?


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