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Loving this weather (NOT)

Hi all well here a phone call from the specialist at DRI..He now wants another ct scan..lft..blood gas done..just had echo on heart and having another 48hr monitor put on on 27th..still feeling really poorly had another 2 weeks of doxycycline and 5 days of steroids how much more can my lungs take??? This was going to be the new year new lungs but at the mo i think my heart wont take it. The steroids seem to have helped with the breathing aspect but not the infection part...i think that copd should be more publisised and greater help from the medical field. Lots of lovely people succumb to this awful (TERMINAL) desease which in my opinion is terminal as it cannot be cured just managed. This needs to be put on the medical certificate so that scripts are are free and more help is brought forward to help us manage our lives with copd. I have emphysema in both lungs and tumors in my left lung..this is theough no fault of my own..i never smoked but grew up with family that i have this desease through passive smoking..why should we suffer in silence..

Sorry guys just having a rant..just think its time for a shake up of the nhs system and who decides which desease is terminal or not and who can get help from this society.

On a brighter note saw the sun last week not for long but it was there..just before the hope everyone is keeping wrapped up and warm.


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