PTSD from armed forces

Turned down for ESA for my PTSD because they know i'm suffering with it , but the DWP told me i can't get any ESA because i haven't attacked anyone or i haven't been banned from my doctors or a pub, so i can't claim, So because iv'e been a good person i can't get any help, Do you think this is right when i served my country and was nearly killed so many times .

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  • No its so wrong, this country treats people like you disgustingly. You have a recognised illness,you should be entiled to esaxxx

  • You need to appeal

    Have a look at this site

  • I worked solid nights 4 for the NHS at our local hospital and 2 nights in a nursing home nearly 72 hours a week most weeks. Most nights at the hospital it would be 4 in the morning before we even got a drink but I did this because I knew if I needed sick pay I would get it. I was involved in a really bad RTA which meant I couldn't work for the NHS I was told by DWP my husband must support me but I wasn't told this when I was paying a higher tax bracket because I had 2 job.

    I went and did something else for a while then was diagnosed with copd I decided to claim sick pay again and filled in a form I was found fit for work by a Atos gp who didn't know what a spine block so I filled in another form this time I saw a English GP who worked for DWP before Atos took over is was aware of copd and the effects it had on people just keep apealing good luck

  • Please don't give up woody. This country and its Government should be singing your praises for your courage and commitment instead of washing its hands of you. Disgusting but do keep on until you get all the help you so deserve.

    Wishing you well. Xxx

  • its very wrong how you been treated , you should have been an mp instead of the army you would have been well looked after then

  • It is dreadful the way you have been treated. May I suggest you write to your MP?

  • It doesn't surprise me at all! This country now 'values' drunks and drug addicts over soldiers, sailors & airmen - same politicians that encourage the public to see disabled as leeches (whilst closing Remploy centres), training non-medical people to demand that disable people 'prove that they can walk' (to save the country money ... whilst taking a quiet 11% pay rise).

    To answer your question, no I don't think its right but I do think politicians should undertake weekend breaks in war zones BEFORE they start making ANY decisions!

  • Corya.

    Sounds a real bad deal to me. What it makes of the so call "Covenant" I know not. My only suggestions is to use the excellent offices of the Royal British Legion. They will stay with you and give all help, assistance and encouragement.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Cory. There is a fb group that should be able to help, not only with your application but also a safety net for when the black dog appears. The tem have had an amazing amount of training, experience and success and we are all ex services so harmless banter is abundant. If you apply to join, there maybe a delay for a few days as every member is meticulously vetted. the group is Veterans For Veterans.....make sure you get the UK site as I believe there is an American site with a similar name.

  • You have to appeal this. It is absolutely outrageous that you serve your country and this is how you are treated. It never ceases to amaze me that we still have young men joining up to serve Queen and country when this sort of thing is happening to our servicemen when they leave. Often they have to leave because of what has happened to them during their service time and they are just left to fend for themselves. It is an absolute scandal and I would say an awful lot more about this but I would probably be banned. Chin up, Cory, appeal and know that there are many, many people in the country whose thanks you have.

  • Thank you, I did appeal and told the tribunal what the DWP told me, yes PTSD is a mental illness but because i haven't attacked anyone or i haven't been banned from a pub or my doctors , then my PTSD isn't bad enough to get ESA, I sometimes wish that person could see what iv'e seen and done what we have done .

  • Could you apply to the Royal Hospital in London?

  • Iv'e done a 12 week course with a veteran hospital, it helped to get it off my chest but its no cure , Thank you anyway x

  • i have ptsd due to domestic violence in my past i get esa support side due to my mobility needs and ptsd took me long time get dla etc though don't give up ok keep fighting that's what i have found don'tlet them win problem with ptsd is it's not visable and i can promise u i haven't used violence or abused anyone xxx took me 15 years get diagnosed x good luck xx

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