Pneumonia- post hospital

My sister was discharged from hospital after spending 8 days in with pneumonia she had been in for 5 days previous then discharged for 5 then back in. She was doing great in hospital with no coughing, clear chest and not bringing up anything (she also had fluid on lungs treated due to lung cancer) but since being home for 2 days she seems worse. Cough has come back, the rattling sound in her chest is back which she is having to cough up plus her whole body is sore causing her to be so fatigued she hasnt the energy to cough. We wasnt given any instructions on what to do when home plus as she was feeling great we didnt think this would happen do didnt really ask, she was just dischargd and sent on her way... any advise would be great - is this normal? Should i call the doctor ? Is the pneumonia coming back (he chest x ray and bloods said she was fine)

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  • I would certainly ring the dr and ask for advice Mpkj. It's hard to know what is going on and difficult to help if you don't know what you could be doing. x

  • I too would definitely ring the doctor. I came out of hospital yesterday after being treated for pneumonia. I was just told to rest for a few weeks & drink plenty fluids. I also came home with 2 different types of antibiotics that I've got to take for another week - don't know if your sister is on antibiotics but hope that all goes well & she starts to feel better soon. x

  • Hello Mpkj.

    I am sorry to hear your sister is feeling poorly. To be honest, anything that doesn't seem right probably isn't. I think Jaynair and Mich have given you the best advice and that is you should call the hospital and hopefully she can see a doctor quickly. I truly hope she feels a lot better soon. Take care of yourself too.

    Cas xx 🌸

  • in agreement with the others. Get gp advice x

  • Yes, please do get GP advice. People are very vulnerable when they get home after pneumonia - readmissions are common. She needs advice. It's appalling that patients don't get proper handover instructions, and that GPs aren't automatically in touch when they get home.

  • Thank you all for your replies I have contacted the hospital and waiting for the lung nurse specialist to contact me. Just hope she doesnt need another stay in hospital...

  • Hope you feel better really soon.

  • Taking sister to hospital today to have an ultrasound to see if fluid has come back... she has been in a terrible state poor thing just hope this will help ...

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